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11/7/2014 c4 3DannieCiora
Hey discovered your story just today and I love it! Count me as the fourth reader
11/1/2014 c5 3sabrina-luna-potter
It's okay.
1/20/2014 c4 sabrina-luna-potter
I shall review. Great job!
And I did get the crossover references. Oh my gods, how could anyone who's not a PJO fan not?
1/20/2014 c4 5nolongerativehahahahahahaha
Thanks for the shout out! I got the reference. I want to see what the club is like. Why was Zoe in Hufflepuff then?
1/19/2014 c4 paratrooper321fa
post a chapter longer then a couple hundred words and you will see reviews. Too short of a story to have an opinion
1/19/2014 c3 2sparkie926
"Should my father hear about this?" I am DYING.
Let's see...the word thingies look like letters... 'Cyrlub'? I have no idea what that could mean.
I love this!
1/19/2014 c4 3GinnySong
Is it possible to review my own chapter?
1/16/2014 c3 5nolongerativehahahahahahaha
First chapter: I'm sorry, I thought it was a robot. Most people now write, I did this. Then I did that. I felt that. You asked or things so I gave you that.
Second chapter: Great! I'm sick of people always making everyone Griffindor. Maybe she should get over it soon.
Third chapter: Yeah Rose and Scropious! I ship Hermione/Draco but that nt being possible since how Rowling ended it, Rose/Scorpius! ¥µβ could be a secret society, a dark wizard's symbol, maybe the key to a map?
First and last names:
Ansley Iacona
Laurisa Nickoson
Zoe Greenberg
Jade Fonseca
Gabriel Daniels
Kathryn (Katie) Dzingleski
Caitlyn Woodford
Jocelyn (Josie) Patterson
Ethan Vaamonde
Chloe Nightshade
Rodrigo Galindez
Diego Bientz
Mark Kirk
Matthew Ramos
Sean Greenberg
That good enough? Please keep going. I don't want to see another fic that starts and has a good start but never finishes.
9/1/2013 c3 Guest
Cool. be really cool if you did one after this were they end up together (Ron would be thrilled ;) ). Um the symbol could meen a club from ages ago or a passage or a secret room or chamber or a form of protection or a code or something. now names..
Emma Walker
Rachel Davis
Kerala Johnston
Borit Dengil
Erich Kawaraun
Aradit Makenzey
Feel free to mix and match and discard at will. your story.
really enjoying it hope to here more soon. 3

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