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7/3/2018 c1 3loonymarauder
That was lovely
11/17/2016 c1 stacey caitlin
"His Mary always".
You have reduced me to an emotional wreck so early in the morning. Such beautiful writing, as always. It astounds me how you can introduce fresh perspectives from Matthew's point of view, among the countless other stories that I have read. I believe that your interpretation of his struggle with the Swire fortune is truest to his character, and most thorough.
I especially enjoyed his meeting with Gillingham, because that introduced another aspect to Matthew's love for Mary- not his insecurity, but another reminder of how lucky he truly is that he and Mary ended up together, when there were so many other men out there, men who knew Mary before he even met her. By the end of your story, I was a mess. So poignant, so honest, so realistic.
4/29/2015 c1 hillevi
Very lovely story! Thank you.
5/25/2014 c1 darkblueyank
I am enjoying rereading your stories and reading some for the first time. This one is new to me - probably the hint of Tomy or Blake put me off the first time I saw it but I am glad that I finally read it through. I am so intrigued and impressed by your insights into Matthew's POV, his doubts and his joys and contentment to be with Mary. And then Mary's POV of facing the rest of her life without Matthew; all the decades to come. Thank you. I am always bowled over by how writers who are so young can have such wisdom in the insights into the human heart and mind.
10/24/2013 c1 Juicyjools
How do you do it?
Everyone one of your stories teared at my heart strings...
I love your Matthew POV and " I see in the morning my darling" so sweet and intense in his love for Mary.
And mary, in her sorrow and lonliness , felt his presence all around her. I believed that because when one love is so strong , the dead can never dies but live forever in the heart ..
The last words...HIS MARY ALWAYS.
I wish more people read this...cos soon, as new episodes come in, Matthew will be pushed further and further in the back ground and he will not be mentioned again , in cannon. I will hate that.
9/6/2013 c1 agatefleur
Thank you for this heart warming tale. There is not enough time in the TV series to allow the elaborate characterizations, so reading Matthew's and Mary's POV is especially poignant to their relationship. I enjoy your writing style, and their conversations made me smile.
9/2/2013 c1 Guest
What a great idea for a fic - and you executed it so well. You had wonderful insight into Matthew and his actions over the course of S3, and your M/M dialogue was brilliant and flowed beautifully. :) The convo between Matthew and Gillingham was poignant without being over-the-top - just the perfect tone and contrast to the quiet grief of the ending scene. Really beautiful job - hope you keep writing! :)
9/1/2013 c1 eyeon
There was so much angst about that money, but wasn't it originally Carlisle's money that Lavinia got to save her father's fortune when she sold the story of the Parliament money deals? So it wasn't really so bad that Matthew used it to save Downton (in my head). So many great lines like, the title that law and gender denied her but love gave her, and it was one he kept with him all his days" and "that she could take him out of place and time and leave him stranded in this moment of desire, floundering and flustered and a man acting very much like a boy"! Of course the ending is SO sad (because I'm still trying to live in a cocoon of denial :-)
9/1/2013 c1 Emjo3
Loved it particularly this line "he would become just a drop in the bucket of the years of Mary's life" that is so true.

You have a real talent for describing things :)

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