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for A Pillar of Strength

7/24/2019 c17 MistyAnnBlack
good story please update want to know where it goes
6/6/2019 c17 Guest
oooplease continue with this story
3/14/2019 c17 TomRiddlesTwin
Amazing story, love it!
2/21/2019 c17 JessMalfoy8810
I really love that story, is amazing! Congratulations
11/11/2018 c16 SorrowfulAnjel
Love the story can't wait for more! One of the best ones that I've ever read
8/12/2018 c17 4kat11c
I'm really enjoying this story! :D I hope you get some inspiration to continue writing :)
8/12/2018 c3 kat11c
I think Hermione ending up with both would be interesting.
7/17/2018 c17 14AmethystRoseMalfoy
This is very good. I hope you come back to it, there is still so much left to tell.
4/24/2018 c17 7ForeverTheWhiteTiger
! Oh, I love this story so much, I don't care if updates are far and few between, I will cherish each one regardless! Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful piece of work with us all!
4/24/2018 c4 ForeverTheWhiteTiger
OOO! I'm so glad I decided to re-read this story! It's so good!
4/11/2018 c17 1Lexxxi
Ooh I like where this is going
3/18/2018 c16 Guest
Please update
12/31/2017 c17 mandorakat
this is really good so far. i hope you continue and genuine gets over the weird insecurity she has or one of them makes a move soon. there's just so much freaking angst!
12/11/2017 c17 Guest
Just found this story and read it all in one go. I'm not usually one for soul bonds because of the whole free will issue that is sometimes present, but I really like where you're taking this and that they can essentially choose to bond or not. I think that distinction would be very important to someone like Hermione, who has strong views on self-determination and civil liberties.

Will Hermione help Dean with his nightmares of torture like he did for her? And will Hermione verbally, physically, and magically bitch slap Ruby for taking advantage of Sam? Also looking forward to some Castiel/Meg interactions! I always wished that Meg could have been the demon used in the third trial. She could have been "cured" and then she could live happily/snakily ever after with her unicorn...a girl can dream, right? And any chance Bobby will have some romance? I could see him and Andromeda Tonks giving it a shot. They both have had a rough life and deserve better!

I'm curious on the distinction between witchcraft and wizardry, as well as Hermione's theory that witches were made by the Earth to serve as checks and balances. Veerryy interesting. I forget if you've covered this already, but can witches and wizards NOT be possessed by demons? I always envision witches and wizards' magical cores as being part of their souls, not their bodies, so I would think that would keep demons from possessing them even without anti-possession charms and tattoos...but that could just be my headcanon. Also, it's been such a lon time since I've watched the beginning of Supernatural...are Sam and Dean not yet wanted by the FBI or thought dead? If that hasn't happened yet, maybe Hermione could prevent it from happening at all by changing their appearances with a bracelet charm or something so that when they're hunting or posing as cops or FBI agents, they don't look like themselves and their "crimes" can't be traced back to them? Just a thought!
11/3/2017 c17 Life-of-Pie18
It's one of the best SPN/HP crossovers I've read so far. I can't wait to see what happens next in the story.
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