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for To Call A Place Home

12h c21 camila14
Omg! Thank you so much for coming back and continuing the story! I just re-read it again and it’s as amazing as it was reading it for the first time. It made me so happy so thank you a lot!

Hope you have a great week and read you soon :)
21h c21 1NaniteSystems
Great writing! Always like to see au-type stories this original. :)
1/17 c21 SablePhoenix
I just discovered this story yesterday and have enjoyed reading it. I can't wait to see where it goes from here. Thanks for sharing.
1/17 c21 1Jackanapes
Great story, I enjoy your writing style, premise, and perspective, and look forward to more.
1/15 c21 Guest
Im loving everybodys reactions!
1/16 c21 TheUknownName
I hope Harry stays in this world but visits the other like they figure out a way to have their cake and eat it too
1/16 c21 TheUknownName
Fucking badass. So glad you’re back mate
1/16 c21 bkerrmom1
Ooh I am looking forward to seeing what comes next ! How will Dumbledore react to everyone knowing he has the elder wand?
1/16 c5 Makimass
It's weird reading a trope like this where harry came from a world less darker than the word he was summoned from, it feels like harry is useless to this world like he's just a spawn for dumbledore again to win this war and complete the prophecy..
1/13 c21 Minea89
I’m so happy your continuing this story. I love it but I hope Harry doesn’t stay in that world. Sure his parents, Sirius and Remus is there but he has family in his world too. That is not his Sirius or The Weasleys and what about Teddy?
1/13 c21 EMMA-NIGHT20
NOOOOO necesito actualización jajaja muchas gracias por el capitulo!
1/10 c21 Shadow wolf
I really loved this chapter...I hope the next chapter is out soon...can't wait
1/12 c21 1Paia1240
Just read it in two days (who needs to work anyway) and I really love it.
1/10 c21 Alisha
I really love this story! This was an amazing chapter! Always wondered how Lily and James or the order would react to their death scene
1/12 c21 1World-Explorer
omg i binge read this so bad. i love it. please update when u can. great job
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