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for To Call A Place Home

7/15/2023 c5 isabelahemmo
You're só good Author, I would had written Harry having this conversation with James and Lily, it would hurt so much more
7/15/2023 c3 isabelahemmo
every time that I re-read it, and I did it a lot of times, I became very mad with those people, my poor Harry
7/12/2023 c22 2Fanfictionreader03
I think i have read it 8 times now and it still keeps me shocked. Please finish this if you have the time.
7/2/2023 c22 Dumbledore's got style
I swear this story get better every time I re-read it!
6/27/2023 c22 GryffindorChic7
So here I am on my annual reread of this story, loved Mrs. Weasley's interaction with Ron, now I'm hoping a similar scene with Neville and his parents, as always I hope everything is going well with you so you can update soon!

Saludos desde México
6/17/2023 c22 Jennifer schmidt
Love your story, I read it in 2 days. Hope you continue it soon because I need to know what happens next
5/24/2023 c22 Guest
It’s epic every time
Dumbledore unnerves me, I wish for him to hear, "Dumbledore's man.." and that train track conversation..
5/24/2023 c20 Guest
They’re gonna have a shock when they see SNAPE'S memories
5/24/2023 c19 Guest
It was so satisfying, hearing this scene play out and not having to face the fear but knowing the good that did happened when Harry told Remus the truth.
5/24/2023 c18 Guest
Oh I’m so happy they're going with them this time. And it’s both of them so Harry's not alone reliving it, and Ron wasn’t there for some of it so it’ll be cool for him to see it.
5/24/2023 c15 Guest
Oh my goodness

5/24/2023 c13 Guest
Ohhhh snap

I’m glad he was there
5/24/2023 c11 Guest
5/24/2023 c10 Guest
Once she said she was Muggleborn

It hit me
5/24/2023 c3 Guest
Moody trying to rip off the bandage for him.
But I mean guys, it’s pretty obvious. Put on glasses and you still can’t see it, but ah least cat is out of the bag!
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