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for To Call A Place Home

1/29 c23 Ironcoil
A really amazing story! I love the reflections between the two realities that allow a chance for reflectiom that canon Harry would never have. Its refreshing to see a Ron with such powerful loyalty and strength. Im really looking forward to seeing how the order deals with watching the children go to war and Harry facing his death and how they use all the information they now have.

Thanks for the amazing read!
1/26 c23 Guest
Please update soon! This fic is awesome. I love you potray canon! Harry's relationships with characters. Specially snape and dumbledore. And love the friendship between ron and harry. Love it ️
1/25 c23 1L1a.aa
I am so in love with this story! Really really praying and hoping that you update this soon, I can’t wait for all their reactions to Harry walking to his death. Hoping dumbledore will turn out decent in the end and understand Harry, really desperately hoping for you to update soon
1/21 c23 Kokonut
This story is so great ! I mean, your writing is amazing and I keep smiling, laughing and crying (the moment when they saw Lily's death was heartbreaking, but in a good way) ! Your storytelling is breathtaking! It's honestly amazing how good this story is ! Thank you so much for sharing it ! It's everything I have ever wanted, and then it's even more ! I love it so much it actually hurts ! And I can't wait for them to discover that Severus was a spy ! Also, I love how you wrote Snape and Harry's feelings towards him. Like, yes, Severus protected him, but he was still a bastard and I really like how you acknowledged it. Usually people just write him as a hero or as a bad guy, but I really could feel the complexity of this character in your writing, so thank you ! Also, I love how Harry doesn't really know how to feel about this world. I feel like he kinda wants to stay because people that could be his family are here, but he also wants to go home because he build a family there. And he kinda died for his world so... Is he going to stay ? So exciting ! As much as I LOVE the memories part, I also really REALLY like your plot and I want to know what's going to happen SO bad ! Also, I really really really want the two Hermiones to meet and to be total badass together. And I don't know if you're going to follow the books or the movies for the confrontation between Voldemort and Neville, but either way, I would love to see the Order's reactions to Neville being a total badass and I also really want their reaction to some deaths (I'm still not other Fred's) and to Molly killing Bellatrix. There are so many great things about this fic, sorry if I'm being annoying. It's just that I love it so much ! If I could buy it chocolates, I would... Oh ! Also, I really want Lily and the Marauders to finally get their revenge on Peter. And the reactions of Harry's original world to him being bestie with a dragon would be so funny ! Like, "... I don't even know why we are surprised, at this point, we should know better. It's Potter". Also, I feel like it would be nice if Remus and Tonks moved to Harry's world to help raising Teddy. Well, everything would be nice but, you know... Anyway, I'm gonna stop writing now because if I don't we are going to be here a long time... Thank you so much for this story, I love it ! Take care of yourself!
1/10 c10 Michaelkoc1
The Harry in this story is NOT bamf by any stretch of the imagination
1/10 c9 Michaelkoc1
I was interested in this story up until this chapter. Its well written but its just incompetent boring canon Harry stumbling his way through the story with his canon plot armour again
1/10 c23 Ineedausernamesoon
I've loved this work since it began but I usually wait for the end to comment. Decided to give it a go again from scratch and saw some of the reviews being hateful and spiteful. Writing is hard and you are doing a phenomenal job and have made it so far. I just wanted to add some positivity and let you know that there are many of us eagerly waiting another chapter!
1/4 c23 Master777vip0000
Gina Gail Barron-Goodman

126 Ambrosia Lane
Heath, Texas 75032

ginabar at gmail dot com

12/31/2023 c1 Master777vip0000
Gina Gail Barron-Goodman

126 Ambrosia Lane
Heath, Texas 75032

ginagbg at sbcglobal dot net
1/2 c23 himani nowbutsing
Pleaseplease update
12/28/2023 c23 Regina B
Omg idk what happened but I posted the other review uncompleted hahaha

Sooo hopefully we'll hear from you soon enough , I really can't wait for another update ! I'm solo excited ... seeyouuu thank you so much for the update, I'm really happy to know that this fic is till going
Merry Christmas and happy new year
12/28/2023 c23 Regina B
Heeeyyy can't believe we have another updateee ! I just found out ab this chapter hahaha perks of not having a fanfiction account I guess love to hear from you! It was a great chapter, always a pleasure to read you and follow along the reactions of my fav characters
Can't wait for the final part of the deathly hallows ! I wonder what's gonna happen with Harry / Horcrux , I have to say I have zero thrust in this Dumbledore ... he is far to deep into the greater good , he ain't the grandfather figure we all know , I'm just glad Ron is there to help Harry with everything , I know he has Sirius and his parents but yeah not the same
I alredy know the scene from the forest before Harry's death IA gonna be soul crushing can't wait to read it tho hahaha

Solo hopefully
12/29/2023 c23 35Devientity
Fantastic story. You've taken a few common tropes and breathed new life into them. I love the dynamics of the characters, and I especially love Ron and Harry's friendship. I hope Neville gets to make an appearance...that would be so amazing.
And to all the reviewers who leave crappy trash reviews of hate...don't let their drivel get you down. They do not know what they speak. Looking forward to the next update
12/22/2023 c3 habba
Trash fic. Why the fuck do authors bring the horcrux back in the new world, it is fucking stupid. If youn need a plot device to force confrontation or connection, come up with something original. Harry is a copy of james with lily's eyes, they should know who the fuck he is. And I can already quess that harry shall be their good little slave like always, no matter what bravado he shows here.

What a waste of server space
12/20/2023 c23 Wafflestheboi
Thank you for the great chapter!
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