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for To Call A Place Home

12/3/2023 c3 Thunderofdeath97
I mean Harry is the one in the right.

Honestly never liked Bill x Fleur as a pairing, lol
11/25/2023 c23 Jilyfan33
The book version of the prince tale was so different from the version of movie. I would rather prefer the book version and hope you could adapt book version more.
11/23/2023 c9 Aetherium21
Its shocking how utterly unprepared the kids are. I lnow that sounds dumb at first. But seriously, in their positions they should have been taught when and how to avoid obvious risk
11/16/2023 c23 Pratik
Comeon man where the fick is the last update. I wanna watch the Prince Tale reaction! I will pay you for it. Comeonnnnnnnm
11/18/2023 c23 15Hanazawa Miya
Late to the party but I'm hereeee! And this chapter was so so beautiful! Especially the little bonding moment for the Potter family, I teared up. It was so in character, didn't feel OOC at all. Can't wait for the next chapter!
11/15/2023 c22 8CoSmO333
this is a great story thanks for sharing cant wait for the rest!
11/8/2023 c23 Anon
Hopefully you update soon, love your story
11/9/2023 c23 jengary071
I love this story! It’s my favorite alternate diminsion fanfic! I really hope you post an update soon!
11/5/2023 c23 Sunny JS
Hi, i just wanted to say that I've really enjoyed this story and this could easily be made into a movie or something. Re Harry, though, you mentioned that he's still skinny and scrawny, but in Deathly Hallows it mentions that he's basically the same height as his father now. Just thought you might want to know or need reminding. Thanks
11/6/2023 c23 Blue-Happens
the ONLY reason I am not shaking in rage at what you've done is that the last update was this year, so there's hope.

you wrote a good story, populated it with so many appealing character interactions, and you end on a cliffhanger of that size? I only care so much because of how successful you where at getting me invested but jesus fuck author

please, PLEASE dont drop it on this chapter, for the sake of everyone who reads this

(also, you got me invested in what is at the moment a 'characters watch the media they're from' fic, which I thought impossible, so bravo)
11/6/2023 c22 chica vampiro 92
11/5/2023 c23 AsaMayoko
great chapter! I really appreciate your portrayal of Ron here. The dude gets waay too much flak from this fandom. lol
11/2/2023 c2 Guest
So far so awful
10/30/2023 c23 1SentinalSlice
I’ve been loving the rewatch. I hope we get the “Harry no!” Part when he is being carried by Hagrid. That was my favorite part of the book when I read it for the first time. It was so visceral.
I hope we get the chat with Dumbledore in Harry’s mind.
Anyway, please keep up the great work!
10/27/2023 c23 Sienna0306
Espero el siguiente capítulo con muchas ansias,me gusta mucho tu historia
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