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for To Call A Place Home

10/30/2023 c23 1SentinalSlice
I’ve been loving the rewatch. I hope we get the “Harry no!” Part when he is being carried by Hagrid. That was my favorite part of the book when I read it for the first time. It was so visceral.
I hope we get the chat with Dumbledore in Harry’s mind.
Anyway, please keep up the great work!
10/27/2023 c23 Sienna0306
Espero el siguiente capítulo con muchas ansias,me gusta mucho tu historia
10/24/2023 c23 2heyo
Thank you for posting this chapter. i reread all of your story, and really well written. hope you update soon
10/20/2023 c23 Guest
My goodness this is good! Please continue!
10/22/2023 c23 1PrincessMagic
ohh! fabulous! absolutely mesmerising! thanks for the update! i forgot how much I love this fic! Cant believe how close to the end in watching the memories we are! Love all the moments between Ron and Harry (and miss hermoine in the mix!). And the bits between the Marauders and lily and harry are just perfect!
10/20/2023 c23 11ploiuiu
OMG the Fred- Ron scene is going to be a must need but wretched one (tore) Thank you so much for the chapters!
10/19/2023 c23 KINGFRYCHICKEN
Don’t know how many times I’ve reread this fic, but I’m so glad it updated after so long. Looking forward to reading more and seeing how everyone will react witnessing Harry’s sacrfice. And a little tidbit of him thinking about Ginny before confronting Voldyshorts woukd be fun too lol.

Anyhow! Even after so long, still a fun read and i cant to read what you’ve got in store!
10/19/2023 c17 Red Riding Cape
Glad to see an update! Tbh I've forgotten ost of the details so I'm reading back through this story lol.
10/18/2023 c13 1blcoachmac
Are the goblins in this story and can they help?
10/18/2023 c9 blcoachmac
Harry will have to be as ruthless and deadly as Tom if he wants any chance of surviving!
10/18/2023 c23 biscuittt
Always a good story, can’t wait for the next chapters!
10/17/2023 c23 1gabytahijar
10/10 reading this story again, please update soon!
10/16/2023 c23 strawberryblueberry45
10/15/2023 c23 7Spedyalarm
10/14/2023 c23 spkshay182
I love how you write Harry and Ron! And everyone really! Getting an update once a year is better than getting no update at all. Its always a nice surprise to see this story updated and it gets me to reread it once a year too lol I always hope the next update is sooner because of how much I wanna see what happens next! especially now that we are getting to them see Harry die! IM SO EXCITED!
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