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for Bleeding Out For You

3/29/2018 c12 Guest
8/30/2014 c13 tolkieknight
I wish you didnt skip the part where kili went coma or at least make a one-shot about it id really like to know what fili and thorin and the others did when kili succumbed to fever and went coma yeah that would be nice :)
7/15/2014 c13 35Syblime
Ooh, wow. That's a really interesting condition for Fili. Great chapter. :)
7/14/2014 c14 5BM originally
may I ask that you please change the story header for this story now that you've chosen to include bagginshield in the story? I prefer not to read slash fiction at all, no matter how mild the slash, and I really appreciate it if a story gives me the warning that that kind of content is going to be included from the get-go so I don't get halfway through a story and run into subject matter I'd prefer to avoid.

thank you.
7/11/2014 c13 61ncis-lady
Really nice story so far. I loved the bit about how Kili doesn't want to stay on the other side (for once his stubbornness is actually good) and how Fili would actually like to stay because his father is there but can't bear being without his brother and therefore rather misses out on spending time with his father and the rest of the family than leaves his little and Filis injury is interesting, I hope he makes a speedy recovery!
7/10/2014 c13 8MercedesAsheSorrel
Oh My Goodness! Will Fili recover? I really liked this Chapter!
4/15/2014 c12 19IronHawkAholic
I am still so confused on what is going on through Fili's head...can't wait for more :)
4/10/2014 c12 55Oblivian03
What the hell is going on between F and K? But awesome chapter. :D Lovved it. :)
4/10/2014 c12 8MercedesAsheSorrel
Looking forward to continuing chapters! :D Great job, even if it was a little short! Will Legolas be coming back into it? :)
4/10/2014 c12 tolkieknight
I hope you could update sooooon!so anxious to know what could have had happened..what was wrong?! Great chapter btw keep it up! Please do update soon pleasee:)
4/3/2014 c9 35Syblime
Good to see Thorin back to his usual self - questioning why there is an elf in his presence! Great chapter. :)
4/2/2014 c6 Syblime
Hehe. Kili is still as stubborn as ever, even if he is (sort of) dead. :)
4/1/2014 c11 19IronHawkAholic
Aww, poor Kili. Can't wait for more :)
1/19/2014 c10 5Green Eyes and Blue Insanity
Great job! I like it very much and i cant wait for the next update! Keep up the awesome work!
1/3/2014 c10 MultipleFandomGirl123
Please updates sooonnn:)
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