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for A life filled with Grace

10/22/2013 c14 zats
Loved the General's way of making boyfriends miserable. Glad Jacob could make the party and see how good they are together. More soon please.
10/22/2013 c14 mmkbrook
Very testy intro between Jack and Jacob. Glad Jack passed. Love little Gracie, a very adorable child.

Enjoyed update.
10/21/2013 c12 LadyMo
I am enjoying this story and I must say I totally love Molly. She is a character. She will keep those two on her their toes.
10/18/2013 c12 Joy
I love it, love it, love it! Family sweetness and romance, reading this story puts a smile on my face :)
10/18/2013 c13 Ivonniva
You are a great writer. The story you have conjured up for these characters is a great one. I can not wait for more.
10/18/2013 c13 wonderwoman1970
chapter 14 didn't download it said there was an error
10/18/2013 c13 Yol
Another sweet chapter, thanks and I like the part when she was showing Gracie the family book. So simple but it show how simple a child's mind can be, and yet so truthful. Everything seems to be going so happy like, I just wonder if anything will come up to complicate or challenge Jack or Sam's relationship? I guess I always look for things that can spoil a good thing.
Update soon, and enjoying this story, have a great weekend!
10/18/2013 c13 K'MI.974
*big smile*
10/18/2013 c12 ADM SG1
A person can't help but live stories like yours,
Family stories are wonderful. Your story ranks with some if the best I've read thus far. Jack is getting a second chance at love and fatherhood. I give you my golf clap of excellence. Bravo
10/18/2013 c13 10XFchemist
I read it a while ago and I was confused about the gift. I just came back to leave a review and I got to read the missing part.
Fluffy stories make me smile. Thanks for the update.
10/18/2013 c11 LadyMo
The chapter was short but it was sweet. It made smile and that right there makes it great.
10/18/2013 c13 mmkbrook
Very nice.
10/18/2013 c10 LadyMo
Those wonderful three words. Not a bad time to say them.
10/16/2013 c11 aj
Please be flirty...fanfic writers like you make up for those paid SG1 writers that lacked the sense and imagination to really pull off a good ending. The Ori season 9 and 10 were flops. Thanks for sharing your story. Looking forward to the next flirty, but ever-so sweet bit...
10/17/2013 c12 dpdp
Excellent. Cute. More please.
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