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for A life filled with Grace

9/30/2013 c6 mmkbrook
Very nice to see SG-1 in a family setting.

Enjoyed update especially Baba Jack.
9/27/2013 c5 guestonline
Stick to your guns, this is a wonderful story. I think the way your writing S/J in this AU is brillant, please continue. The story has a great flow, humor, great charater interations, and a wonderful balance so go where your passion (muse) takes you. Thanks for sharing please write more soon...
9/29/2013 c5 sg1star
Loving story..cute and refreshing
9/26/2013 c5 Guest
Well, I've always subscribed to the idea that Jack O'Neill was smarter than he ever let on. So Colonel Jack Oneill PhD is something I can really live with ... in style! :) You don't get to be an advanced alien race's favorite Tau'ri and leader of a military base (and consequently a 2-star general with the safety of the whole world in your hands) with just jello up your brain, you know! Good job.
9/27/2013 c5 Yol
Just read the last two chapters and am totally amazed at your story. simply wonderful. Like the last part of ch. 5 when Molly sees Jack and Sam. Was smiling so hard. I wonder if Jack can tell Sam about Charlie, wonder how Sam will respond, though I think she will help Jack with his feelings too.
Hope to see update to this story soon, and you are doing a GREAT job on this and please make more updates to this story.
9/27/2013 c5 13DorothyOz
Nice story, interesting idea... very interesting. I'm loving it, and this chapter was a lot of fun!
9/27/2013 c5 ad694
I loved this chapter! I have no problem seeing this happening in an AU circumstance. The 'bra incident' was hilarious. Great job!
9/27/2013 c5 K'MI.974
:D that was fun!
9/27/2013 c2 Yol
Story getting more interesting, like your style.
9/27/2013 c1 Yol
Just found your story today, and must say, can't wait to continue reading this version of your story. Being a Jack and Sam shipper, seems like this might be interesting reading. Thanks for sharing and now to continue this story.
9/27/2013 c5 LadyMo
Jacob being very impressed with Jack. One might think that is surprising but even though this is AU I always thought that Jacob was impressed with Jack. It seems to always happen when one gets to know him. What I love is that he clueless about it. Great chapter.
9/27/2013 c5 pain in the mikta
9/26/2013 c5 10XFchemist
Fluffy feelings!
9/26/2013 c5 mmkbrook
Looks like Sam has set her mind on Jack.
9/26/2013 c5 JodyMarie
So, it is AU, not a big deal. It is a WONDERFUL story.
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