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2/12/2014 c34 12LoneWolfOneill
I whete to start ? Jack just wants to be a toys r us kid. His toys Just cost more. Jack and Gracie is going to drive Sam crazy. I had tears of laughter at SAMs reaction to the Rudolph plush toy and Santa. I had a particularly bad day and you put a smile on my face. Thank you.
2/12/2014 c34 LadyMo
I say take him apart and see what makes him tick and then redo him. I can see how she would want to zat that Santa. I can see her 'big kid' getting a kick out of it scaring her. I love decorating for Christmas and I love the picture I got from reading this but yes a big real like santa is too much :)
2/12/2014 c34 mmkbrook
This is so cute. A different side of Jack. He loves Sam and Gracie, and he will do is all to keep them happy.

I can sympathize with Sam, because we had a decoration that when you pulled the bell, it gave you the full rendition of Jingle Bells. It did not go over big with my mother.
2/10/2014 c33 LadyMo
Great chapter and I am sure a great vacation.
2/5/2014 c32 Guest
love jour story. keep are. gold.
2/6/2014 c33 vcm
Very nice vacation chapter. Wish I was there! Think it would be hilarious if Jack got hit on by random women and picked on by random men calling him pretty boy!
2/6/2014 c33 dpdp
Can't wait looking forward to it. Very nice story.
2/6/2014 c33 viperbl69
Another great job. Please keep it coming
2/6/2014 c33 mmkbrook
What every female Stargate fan fiction reader fantasies about, a week in the tropics with Jack.
2/4/2014 c32 Recaps
Well done love the story hopefully with the snow you will give us quicker updates
2/4/2014 c32 Lulea
Really great story! Nice chapter... Thanx
2/3/2014 c32 mary a
I am really enjoying this their interactions and loved that last conversation. Keep up the great work!
2/4/2014 c32 Yol
Very nice chapter and yes do enjoy your story. Wonder how long Jack will be able to keep up his unending admiration and love making with Sam. He is indeed Mr. Love Making Machine. Too much of a good thing, Jack beware. Can't wait for next update, soon I hope.
2/4/2014 c32 LadyMo
A great chapter. Glad that now she knows and now I know.
2/4/2014 c31 LadyMo
Great chapter and I am glad Jack could ease her mind and doubts. I do understand where Sam was coming from and I am glad she finally let it out. Some might think Jack does not think things through and those people are wrong.
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