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for A life filled with Grace

12/9/2013 c24 LadyMo
They need to explain the concept of contraception to them. Who and why has Jack been taken. Sam is pissed and wherever Jack is I am sure angry does not describe how he feels.
12/9/2013 c23 LadyMo
A family, definitely. Different, oh yeah. Loving, no doubt about it. All are very lucky. Enjoyed the chapter.
12/6/2013 c25 sonneblom
Excellent chapter...you don't just keep it interesting, you make it fun as well
12/8/2013 c25 68fanka77
This is great! Hilarious, sweet, hot! Keep going!
12/7/2013 c25 zats
What a shocker with a horny twenty year old Jack... Can't wait to see what happens next!
12/6/2013 c25 Yol
Kind of envy Sam having a younger fiance. Also imagine being in his twentys and being a colonel, and bossing most of the personel on base. Kind of cool. Loki really did it this time. Nice chapter, funny too, update soon.
12/6/2013 c25 dpdp
Excellent. Funny Jack comes back as a 20 year old. What happens is it long term?
12/6/2013 c25 vcm
Cute. Again an unexpected turn. Great.
12/6/2013 c25 viperbl69
Yea. You have done it again. Please keep it up.
12/5/2013 c24 vcm
Nice twist with the Asgard. Did not see that one coming. I guess I was lulled into a sense of complacency!
12/5/2013 c24 Yol
Oh so funny the scene between Sam and Thor, but what really happened to our Jack? Update soon, and thanks again for another interesting and funny chapter, more pleassssse.
12/5/2013 c24 12LoneWolfOneill
I think Sam could wage war against the Asgard and win. That scene alone was hilarious! The chapter as a whole was great. I did however miss Gracie's antics. I think I see a sub plot involving Jarod and Cassie. Anywho , I enjoyed the chapter very much.
12/5/2013 c24 zats
Loki and Thor both are in deep doo doo. Hopefully Jack will return soon. More soon.
12/5/2013 c24 dpdp
Great. Poor Sam. Finding out that she is living in a glass house with little privacy. More more more please.
12/5/2013 c24 mmkbrook
Loki, did you Jacknap Jack again. You don't have to worry about the 'wrath of god', but the wrath of Sam.
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