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for A life filled with Grace

12/4/2013 c23 dpdp
Very nice.
12/4/2013 c23 viperbl69
Again great job. Worth the wait.
12/4/2013 c23 vcm
Cute. Happy you updated even with the craziness of the Holidays. It is appreciated.
12/4/2013 c23 Yol
Very cute chapter, and loved the family interaction from everyone. Hope you too had a great thanksgiving and glad to see update today.
12/4/2013 c23 mmkbrook
Glad everyone fits in and is creating a family. Lizzie is as cute as ever. Sam and Jack are enjoying their life together. No Jaffa running after Jack and Sam in a snow covered forest.

A very nice holiday story.
12/3/2013 c22 1RiddleWrappedInAnEnigma
Cute, loving it so far!
11/22/2013 c22 dpdp
Very nice.
11/22/2013 c22 zats
Loved it and look forward to more!
11/22/2013 c22 recaps
SWEET keep up the great work. I forgive you for the delay.
11/22/2013 c22 viperbl69
Omg lol you head it on the head. Great job
11/22/2013 c22 Yol
Delightful chapter, especially about the Jumbo-tron, and hot dogs and beer, which Jack mentioned. Have a nice weekend and hope to see another update soon.
Really like Jack's sense of humor, which makes him my favorite character.
11/22/2013 c22 JoyousMcD
This is funny stuff, keep it coming! It always makes my day to read your new chapters :)
11/22/2013 c22 LadyMo
I practically wanted to burst out laughing myself. I did do alot of smiling while reading this chapter.
11/22/2013 c21 LadyMo
This was really good. Love how they handled mini Jack. His mother will definitely enjoy having another child to care for.
11/22/2013 c22 mmkbrook
This was Hysterical. You have made my day. All the problems seem to melt away-hey that is a good line for a song-when you gave me the visual of Jack and Sam having sex on the JUMBO-TRON. Poor Asgard, I do like them, but maybe this should be a warning to the scientists who want to clone every thing. The Asgard always seem so sad to me.

Don't know how much of Jarrod you will be including in the story, but a story about him would be great. Will he be that different in the end from Jack, and how much of Jack's memories does he carry.
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