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for A life filled with Grace

11/14/2013 c20 viperbl69
Ok we love thiiiiiiis much. Great way for Jack to ask. Your ideas are wonderful.
11/14/2013 c20 12LoneWolfOneill
Warning...flattery alert! You snuck the proposal in right under our noses. Slick, very slick! If there's a writing goddess I think you probably surprised her to. A "Gracie" wake up call is better than a alarm clock any day, jack will attest to that. Sam as you write her is a great mother. Sweet and romantic chapter, another golf clap for you. "If over flattered please stay calm and smile. Good family stories are far & few between so keep up the great work"
Lol lonewolfoneill .

P.S. I'm currently working on my own story. Would you be willing to answer a few questions. Thanks lwo
11/14/2013 c20 mmkbrook
love this. Little Gracie is soo cute. Glad that Jack has finally given Sam a ring.
11/11/2013 c18 Guest
Good story keep going.
11/13/2013 c19 LadyMo
Teal'c swing dancing is definitely a site. I would really love to see that and him as Dr Evil is great. This was definitely a great Halloween party. I so wanted to be there. I could have sat and just watched them because they all would have been very entertaining. Great chapter.
11/13/2013 c18 LadyMo
This was a very good chapter. I liked it. Jack blushing :). I agree Janet should lend him some needles for those two.
11/11/2013 c18 Joy
Don't stop! Every word is delightful and I can't wait to get the next chapter!
11/11/2013 c18 wiggiesmom
you know, if you make Sam's cold go into a sinus infection, she'll need antibiotics and that makes oral birth control not work. I seldom read AU- mostly because a lot of it isn't well thought out- but I'm really liking this one. I will admit I didn't start reading until there were several chapters up. But it's really good, so keep it going please.
11/12/2013 c19 dpdp
Very nice.
11/10/2013 c18 Kathie
Don't be worried...don't want it to the fluff,welcome change from angst! Love Jack with kids stories.
11/12/2013 c19 robinbishop1231
Cute! Love it.
11/12/2013 c19 Yol
Nice Halloween party, I can just see Jack in his Thor custome and Sam in hers. They make a cute pair indeed. Seems like Teal'c was also having a great time. Cute chapter.
11/12/2013 c19 LoneWolfOneill
Interesting chapter, Sam as black widow and jack being Thor. Perfect choices for all, I especially liked teal'c being dr evil. Gracie's appearance was cute as always. The balance of your this chapter was great. Not over the top in subject matter but enough for us to use our imagination. Chucks joke being cut of by space monkey was unexpected. I would have figured one of the women or jack. I so would have liked too read about George actually singing, that would be hilarious. Bravo! I'd call for a curtain call if it was possible.
11/12/2013 c19 viperbl69
Forget the doctor. What do they know! Great chapter yet again.
11/12/2013 c19 mmkbrook
Just love how you write Gracie. Look so forward when I see an alert for another installment.

Nice that Jack doesn't sound so stodgy in this. Would never think he would wear a Halloween costume, let alone the one described.
A really fun read.
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