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7/29/2018 c4 bethylkp82
2/25/2014 c8 13Conny Avian
Ok one question: who the heck is Markian?!
Also I like your idea. It's great! Especially #38 ;)
Mh rules...
Maybe: don't change Sam mobile tune into 'heat of the moment' (english isn't my mother tongue so I hope you know what I mean)
1/25/2014 c8 1Drs. Gottlieb and Geiszler
A lot of these are quite hilarious! It was a little odd at first to have the fic narrated by an OC, especially as by its nature not much is said of the OC, but it does have the advantage of not making it OC heavy. I would have liked more information about her either here or in a separate introduction fic. Also, make sure to be careful when editing; there are a few grammar issues, though nothing that popped out. Just a few awkward sentences and the like.
12/5/2013 c8 NotAProphet
How about never have a Dr Who marathon...the angels will get extremely confused and question the wibbly wobbly timey wimey...stuff
11/17/2013 c7 NotAProphet
LOL I had a feeling Mike would like Zombie land I mean who doesnt? And i'm not surprised Luci likes the Adams family
11/17/2013 c4 11GrammarDemon
Rule #21: Do not touch the pie. Ever.

(Don't even look at it.)
11/10/2013 c6 11kb18142
LOL! You used my suggestions! Awesome!
11/10/2013 c6 NotAProphet
Never listen to Justin Bieber while Dean is around...he will get Michael to smite you?
11/3/2013 c5 kb18142
LOL about 1D and BTR!
Of course Charlie WOULD bring the novels for everyone to read! LOL!

Can we have a rules about the following:
Gabriel and candy?
Dean and Castiel and burgers?
Sam and salad?
Kevin and Vegan food?
Crowley and Craig whisky?
Do Michael, Lucifer and Raphael even eat or drink?
11/2/2013 c5 NotAProphet
never call Lucifer Michael or Raphael in public maybe?
11/2/2013 c4 35People Person I'm Not
I like this. I'm just curious…from who's POV?

Can you do a rule about music?
10/29/2013 c4 11kb18142
"Make sure you call ahead" and "No More Stargate Atlantis"? LMAO!
Good stuff!
10/29/2013 c4 NotAProphet
lol poor toaster oven
10/28/2013 c3 NotAProphet
LOL poor Crow-ley XD

you could have like sam should never leave his laptop unattended especially when Lucifer and Dean are bored then think of something funny to add in (just a suggestion)
9/23/2013 c2 NotAProphet
LOL XD so funny
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