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for The Factory of Death: Rainbow Factory

3/24/2018 c1 6Crystal Darkness Mare
Sequel? or Update? Either one please so it quickly!
1/10/2017 c1 KanikaOfTheRose
Please update your stories soon :( I miss reading them...they help with my own writer's block :/
3/26/2015 c1 DemonChild22
1/1/2015 c1 7Arivania Moons
PLEASE continue. I really like this story!
9/8/2014 c1 28Chaos Twin of Destruction
D: Da feelz...DA FEELZ! THEY BE STRONG! TT-TT That was sad, horrific, yet romantic all a the same time! D: MY FEELZ ARE GOING HAYWYER! Please continue soon!
1/25/2014 c1 yamikage
This is good keep this up pleas.
12/20/2013 c1 35500jess
Jess: O.o ... okay... can somepony please explain to me... very carefully...
Liz: *covers ears*
Liz: *grins* I am so glad you asked! *pulls out scroll* Ahem! You are stupid, you spend your time in nonsense, you are stupid, you need to use FF more and did I mention your stupidity?
Jess: *hit my head* How did I missed this piece of awesomeness?! I mean it was sad and dark but awesome with P. Luna saving the day but also very sad but awesome but sad but- ARGH! *walk out slamming door*
Liz: Well! Meanwhile she is cursing herself I guess I am in charge! Let me tell you this was awesome! Rainbows made with blood! Dark... nice xD Hunter, Angel, Reaper and Demon, fancy nicknames! And the way they stabbed their loved ones in the heart *snickers* Jess flinched every single time!
Jess: *from outside* I DID NOT!
Liz: YES YOU DID! Anyway, of course Princess Luna must save the day! I was not expecting that one to be honest... I'll give you a 9.5 out of 10 just 'cause I never give perfect scores.
10/26/2013 c1 25Aqua Burst 7
Sorry about not reviewing this sooner, I didn't realise that it came out.

Anyways, while I admit I never really had the guts to read the original rainbow factory, being mostly exposed to the Rainbow Dash Presents and the song versions of this, but man this is was really quite dark and twisted.

I liked the twist on how Yugi was working for the factory in this version. I honestly never saw that one coming. I am honestly glad Yami survived. I like how Yugi does show that he has some humanity left, too.
10/1/2013 c1 5Kearitona Sjachraelgil
Well that was dark and very wrong but I guess we all need these proper vents but Jesus that was dark but what can you do when all the world insists being monstrous evil of the lowest sort will make equestria pretty when all it does is make it ugly deliberate evil is not pretty dash evil celestia it's revolting keep up the great work gtg now ja ne huh now I need twice as much flues to get rid of that image
9/26/2013 c1 moonstar
go Luna you rock!
9/3/2013 c1 RyouBakura13
*TEARS* So many feels...i was going to go on a rampage then i read the end and now im slightly happy this is a wonderful/dark/story 88 meh i cant stop reading it and wont until its completed.
9/3/2013 c1 Aevus
Awesome story! Can't wait to read more!
9/3/2013 c1 3KanikaOfTheRose
It was so sad! *sons loudly* but it was so good!
Dovesary: ignore her authoress-sama today was her first day as a member and she loves your work a lot
Saraphine: yeah! Don't worry though she'll be ok once you update! Btw can you read our story? It's called "the last hybrid" - OW! NASA!
Please update soon sapphire-hime!
9/2/2013 c1 14YinYang Moon Dragon
Yin: *Speechless* *Then burst into tears, smiling* T-That was soooooo sad, b-but it was still amazing.
Yang: *Also speechless* Wow.
Yin: Cookies for everyone! Please update soon!

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