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9/30/2013 c14 Guest
Loving! Two girls and name suggestions are Cosette and Colette or Ponine and Celine
10/1/2013 c14 TheSecretWriter1987
i think the babies are going to be a mix. and who are the Godparents?
9/30/2013 c14 7Percyjacksonfangirl11
9/30/2013 c14 23Sophie Capulet
Little Gav to the rescue! Now he has to run to get combeferre
9/27/2013 c13 Guest
Fantastic chapter! Please update soon! I'm addicted to this story haha
9/25/2013 c13 Guest
One of the best chapters! You're a fantastic writer!
9/24/2013 c13 EbonieCourfeyrac
Éponine! *sigh* You're going to give Ferre a heart attack soon! Oh, the suspense! I hope everything's alright...
9/24/2013 c12 Guest
Please update soon!
9/25/2013 c13 7Percyjacksonfangirl11
9/25/2013 c13 5GavrocheDiedForYourSins
Pebbles and Bam Bam! That. Is. So. Cute! :3
9/22/2013 c8 5hoogan
Enjoying very much
9/20/2013 c12 Guest
Ahh! Don't let anything too bad happen! This story is amazing!
9/19/2013 c11 Guest
Please update :)
9/18/2013 c11 guest
i was falling of the chair laughing at the end. please, please write more.
9/20/2013 c12 23Sophie Capulet
Is he after gavroche!
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