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for A Kat's Tale

4/6/2020 c23 nadiamaria1228
*insert John Cena face* Are you sure about that?
2/21/2018 c40 Guess
Oh my word. I love this.
3/25/2017 c40 1NeKo19-94
Next plis
9/10/2016 c24 SilentAttendance
Suigetsu 3
sasori and itachi too
3/8/2016 c9 Miki Rukia
3/8/2016 c8 Miki Rukia
3/8/2016 c7 Miki Rukia
3/8/2016 c6 Miki Rukia
3/8/2016 c5 Miki Rukia
3/8/2016 c4 Miki Rukia
3/8/2016 c3 Miki Rukia
3/7/2016 c2 Miki Rukia
3/7/2016 c1 Miki Rukia
Too lazy to write a normal review! #One
2/28/2016 c40 BloodyLoved
Loved it. Can't wait to see what else you got.:-D
6/8/2015 c40 3Sparksofrandomness
Omg i loved this story is Mar in the naruto world ohh I hope u doing a sequel xD :D
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