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for Light in the Darkness Part 1

9/6/2013 c3 coldblue
Another great chapter.

I wonder how Darth Sadoness will deal with the Titians, Raven, and Malchoir. In order: unknown, slight attraction towards each other and Dark Side v.s. Evil Magic.

I'm going to guess that Dark Sadoness performed some Dark Sith Alchemy on his body and spells to enhance his body WAAY past the normal Human capability and enhance his Force capabilities.

Keep up the good work.
9/5/2013 c2 coldblue
You got a good idea going here.

Keep writing until Darth Sadoness meets Raven or the Teen Titians.
9/5/2013 c2 12Princess Unikitty
very interesting story so far. do keep it up.
9/3/2013 c1 3Shreddicus
Hello! My name is Shreddicus :P This is my first fanfic and I've always wanted to be a TeenTitan member with the powers of the Force so this is what you get, haha. Although I know that this chapter is indeed short, I thought that this was a perfect way to end chapter 1. If you even want to even call it a chapter 1. More like a Prologue than anything. The Titans themselves will be introduced in the next chapter. Remember that although the story is currently in the starwars universe; at the same time, it is taking place in the middle of the Titan episode Spellbound. Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading this series as I continue to enjoy writing them :)

Reviews would be nice :P
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