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for Wood You Be Mine?

9/25/2011 c3 30Kriftonucci
It's depressing to know this fanfiction's all that is left of your once enjoyable website. How I miss TFCOP.
9/10/2009 c3 Dan50
Haha how is Eddy going to get her away from Plank?
11/6/2004 c3 7SilverMoonKiss
oh...curious,i wonder how this'll end?update soon!
7/29/2004 c3 inactive-22220

~ suki9870 ~
12/21/2003 c3 marco
keep plank let the girl die.
11/18/2003 c3 11ZephyrSamba
"There's nothing to smile about!" *laugh* That was a good one =) I'm glad you decided to pick this up again, you've really got a creative, totally in-character, and believable (er, relatively speaking of course ;) story here! And Eddy certainly was in his element, I love it when he's all gung-ho with some new cockamamie scheme - can't wait to see what he's cooking up!
11/18/2003 c2 9TheOldArchivesofTurq
Johnny, how dare you get inbetween the love of a girl and a piece of wood? This fanfiction is set up a lot like a real EE & E episode.

Congrats! I'll be reading the next chapter soon...
11/15/2003 c3 Angry Molly
Whee! Fun! Plank-and-fancharacter romance...now that, sir-and/or-ma'am is original! I award thee...MAGIC RIBBON OF ORIGINALNESS! Pretty cool, huh? Keep writing, this story is funny. TO THE EXTREME, MAN!

-Angry Molly, grr!
11/14/2003 c1 TheOldArchivesofTurq
Wow, I never saw a Plank-related story before this one. Everyone was in character, including Ed. Such a shame that her pet hot dog had to die in such a horrifying matter. :p

It's good to see Plank in a Romance where he doesn't love Johnny. :D
1/30/2003 c2 18Wolf Amongst Elves
Yay =^_^=
1/17/2003 c2 Peppa

Hehe, I love your story so far; can't wait to see more!
1/10/2003 c2 fuckyoutristan
I was wondering if you'd continue this. This story seems very EENE-ish. Write more soon, yes.
1/9/2003 c2 16Quijotesca
This has got to be the weirdest thing I've ever written. I have a really warped (pun intended!) sense of humor and I'm not sure why I think that writing a romance about an inanimate object is so funny, but OK. ;)
1/8/2003 c2 11ZephyrSamba
*gasps* Oh no, poor Jonny! His best friend, abandoning him for some new wiener-lovin' hussy - oh, the agony!

Fun story thus far, it's neat to get a Plank-centric tale...And I loved Ed's line about the pickle in his ear =) Can't wait to see what develops between Plank and Astrik/Asterisk/Ampersand!
11/27/2002 c1 Guest
ED IS THE BIGGEST IDIOT EVER thats why we like and the fan fic is good
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