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8/21 c30 111attheedge
This was definitely a ride I loved to take. I'm glad you finished it with Henry and Regina moment. It was special. I found myself in different emotions while reading. Everything about them was so great. Also, Regina gets stupid wheen she is in love.
2/16 c30 8moithea
J'ai beaucoup aimé les 20 premiers chapitres, après c'est vrai que c'était trop haché à mon goût, même si la réaction de Regina au départ d'Emma était vraiment bien pensé, ainsi que les séances chez la psy. Les enfants sont adorables, même Henry au final. Quant à Snow et David, la daube habituelle, lol.
9/2/2021 c30 Carolin Munz
8/26/2021 c12 3SandandSea1
This story has just become one of my favorite depictions of Regina. Ever. Thank you for the introduction.
6/26/2021 c16 AlexandriaVE
Hahhah. Henry is a little bit of a troublemaker. I can just picture Emma's face when he throws out that line about school.

There was so much that needed to be said that didn't, but it does make sense after everything, and especially on Lilly's first official night at home.

I'm looking forward to them all continuing to move slightly toward each other. I hope to see more Lilly, and I hope Emma doesn't give up on finding out if Regina is single.
6/26/2021 c15 AlexandriaVE
Awww. Emma didn't want to chance Regina coming back and feeling abandoned. And Luca being kind to Henry. There are so many sweet feelings!
6/26/2021 c14 AlexandriaVE
Henry's thinking ahead. That boy is hoping Emma moves them to be closer! Even though I think he's still totally irresponsible, it's clear he is very much trying to make things right. Making an effort with Lilly was really important!

I looooove Regina and Luca with Lilly! Such a cute family!
6/26/2021 c13 AlexandriaVE
Omg the letter was so heart-wrenching and bittersweet. Ooof
6/26/2021 c10 AlexandriaVE
Oof. I totally think kids should be heard, but all of the adults being controlled by Henry's manipulations made me sick. I hated when they allowed/encouraged him to be disrespectful to the woman who gave him everything he ever had. When he called Gold "grandpa" I had to turn the show off. I mean your Henry, even now years later is thinking about himself and not considering how Emma must be out of her mind with worry!

On the other hand, I do love to see Luca thriving and to see Regina doing pretty well, having friends and a purpose. 3
6/26/2021 c4 AlexandriaVE
This is beautiful. I think Luca will see that his mom has done some bad things, but she's a better person now. What she did isn't who she is, and it can be the same for Luca. 3
6/26/2021 c3 AlexandriaVE
That's so great! I'm glad Luca has found a place where he can run and play. I hope he makes friends on the team! I'm excited to see Regina have a friendship with Katherine. I think that will be healthy for the boys to see their mom have a friend, too. Haha. Distracted, huh, Emma? Sound the gay panic alarm- your co-parent is sexy and beautiful.
6/26/2021 c2 AlexandriaVE
I don't care that they decided to love each other so quickly! It's amazing! I just hope Regina stays strong, and Luca's adjustment period isn't too rocky. When the honeymoon period is over, or if Luca's hears Henry going off about the evil queen, I hope their relationship gets stronger.
6/26/2021 c1 AlexandriaVE
Awwww. I love Luca already! He's so cute!
5/4/2021 c12 Cindi
I have really been enjoying Luca, I guess because of how Henry is written in this story, I wanted Regina to be happy and Luca brought her happiness, BUT, another child...not my favorite scenario, I wish that was not going to come about. Oh well, I think that just about does it.
4/14/2021 c10 Guest
I know you probably won't see this. But I kinda wish that Regina had the gumption to turn her back on Henry and Emma. Especially when she finds out that Emma said yes to marry jerkwad. I get the whole mothers love and all, but that ungrateful selfish boy kept telling her, she wasn't his mother. And really Emma chose Punk-tastic over Regina for Henry I call bull-hockey. If she was not strong enough to fight for Regina then she should never deserve her. I may be a pragmatist, but why do the people who did Regina wrong get happy endings with her?
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