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for TRANSFORMATION, Part II: Going Home

11/21/2020 c16 ArkhCthuul
Well, she is a fool at that, I truly wonder howw she ever managed. To be a soldier with that much of a temper.

And accusing Shepard of not being human, the nerve..
11/21/2020 c11 ArkhCthuul
Ah, but that would both require him to change, and given his history, that is something he is likely unable to do by himself.
11/21/2020 c8 ArkhCthuul
Ah had somehow lost this fics name, took me weeks to find it again once I remembered...

Anyway, still a very interesting look at the plot, even if you do tend to soap box a bit much. :)
8/18/2019 c40 KarexN7
Been so long since I read a bit. Life got the best of me these last few months but back in action and feeding the obsessed ME fan inside me.. Haha! Enjoying it. Thanks
3/15/2019 c1 J
Dang was looking for femshep fanfic and was stoked to see a story with synthesis but then Ashley was killed and now I can't read it... I'll never understand ehy anyone like kaiden. So annoying and whiney.
10/1/2018 c23 KarexN7
No... Lost me with Sam and Li.. My LI will never do that to Shep. No matter what form, so hard to take in and read, my mind is rejecting it way 2 much. I'll skip read just to see what happens with Shep. Great story otherwise. Love the direction.
10/1/2018 c22 KarexN7
Liking the story.. But if Sam and Li are getting involved I'm stopping and getting that image out of my head.. Liara was broken over Shep now they hardly talk.. No.. Not for me.
9/27/2018 c2 KarexN7
Only a pleasure and thank you for Taking the time to write. This is actually my first synthesis fic that I'm reading. Usually avoid it cause I'm a destroy player. Only at chapter 2 but loving it. ShepLI will always be my favorite so hoping it will work out for them. Have a great evening. Or its evening in my world.. Haha!

2/20/2018 c51 Hz
11/12/2017 c18 redrogue4711
8/8/2016 c38 Arkh Cthuul
Too much "easy Hooking up" happening.

I can get behind Tali and Garrus, but Miranda and Jack?
Bad Fanfiction lies in that direction
7/9/2016 c22 ArkhCthuul
Too much fine detail, and a wee bit too much Pyjama Party for my taste.
This should start moving a wee bit more than "exploration of small Normandy Crew problem 4A"
7/3/2016 c18 Arkh Cthuul
Not a fan of that "twist", but its your Samantha.
A bit too ... I dont know ... clichee?
6/27/2016 c8 Arkh Cthuul
Funny one.
The Liara Undress Part was a nit too obvious and Fanservicy but ... hmmm.
Shepard the Reaper again.
6/27/2016 c7 Arkh Cthuul
True, that will prove a problem.

But I am curious: why exactly do you put it as less likely for "Shepard OI" to get put into a capable BioSynth Body than it was for EDI to take over "Dr. Shinypants"?
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