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12/3/2019 c35 icecatfire
*Laughs* It's alright, Zim, my dad finds zombie movies boring, too; he got burnt out on them long ago ... for me, it depends on the plot. :)
12/3/2019 c31 icecatfire
*The "weaker" team getting the first throw* O.o ... *Laughs* Does NO ONE know Zim, besides Dib?! x'''''D
12/3/2019 c7 icecatfire
... Now for the cop thing to be answered.
12/3/2019 c5 icecatfire
*Sarcastically yet well-meaning* GREAT start in becoming his friend, Zim. -_-
12/2/2019 c2 icecatfire
*About the shooting/Zim's response to it* ... Why do I get the feeling that poor Zim will be visited by the police at some point for questioning? (Whether it be about the shooting/his take on it OR about why a 'kid' has a dangerous weapon.)
12/2/2019 c1 icecatfire
*Cracking up* Yeah, I have people in my family who aren't morning people, either. x''''''''''''''''''D
10/19/2016 c106 2cara9001
Aw I love it! Very cute story
9/27/2016 c106 91Tsuyoshi-chin
Simply beautiful!
9/20/2016 c106 little miss fanfiction lover
Nice way to end it!
I loved every second of this story. :)
9/20/2016 c106 4glowzilla48
OMG! I loved this story! I would plead for you to write more of it but I'm really happy with the ending. I feel bad for Zim that he wasn't able to properly explain things to Dib before he left, but I'm glad they were able to work it all out in the end
7/5/2015 c94 glowzilla48
Please update soon! I love this story and need to see what's going to happen! _
3/25/2015 c94 DeathSkittles
This series is great, I love it! Please update soon.
12/19/2014 c72 little miss fanfiction lover
*reads last sentence*
11/20/2014 c91 RandomSpaceCactus
I really enjoyed reading this through. Would be the longest fic I've ever read if not for that one time... That moment aside I want to show my interest in seeing more from this story some time in the future, watching for an update. :3
10/24/2014 c91 wolfmoonsshadow
Zim developing a social conscience? Even under duress, that's quite an improvement. The story is going well, I was very pleased to see new chapters up :) . What did the tallest want?
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