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9/4/2022 c2 Lajoci
Loved the story and the ending was perfect!
9/30/2019 c2 5Franki3W
Awe, such a heartfelt story! Love Emily!
Thank you for sharing!
9/30/2019 c1 Franki3W
Awesome having Uncle Dean over for a visit!
11/4/2018 c2 Tumbler-Tidbits
I LOVED THIS! So sweet and the memories ️ I would totally read more of this!
5/2/2015 c2 1beckini
6/23/2014 c2 111sweetkiwi604
What are these little wet things lining my eyes? That was beautifully written my dear. It's amazing what the innocence of a child can do. So many wonderful things you pulled into this chapter. Between the familiar name calling with "bitch" and "jerk", the pie, his avoidance of a chick-flick moment hiding it with sarcasm, smugly pulling the teacher's number out of his pocket. All in all he realized family does come first, should come first, and I'm probably reading too much into it but I feel like he didn't want to be like John. He was going to break that cycle and the park with his niece in the morning. Great chapter :)
6/18/2014 c2 46wandertogondor
"No need to hold the pie hostage" I broke. Never laughed so hard!
And dang! Emily is a spitfire! I can just see her growing up with her Uncle Dean's devil-may-care attitude :) love how Dean takes her case as a personal argument against Sam! Too cute!
Thank you for this fantastic update! You're the best!
6/16/2014 c2 1imaginationfluffball
Well that was ridiculously adorable and I want another 45000 pages of it!
The way you wrote the brothers relationship, and Dean's reaction, and interaction with a child, was SPOT ON.
6/15/2014 c2 xxfalloutboyloverxx
Please write more! I loved it so much! You got Dean's character pretty much exact to the Dean we know in Supernatural! Your writing was amazing too. Love it!
6/14/2014 c2 ToriMe
Wonderful! My girls have an Uncle who would do anything for them and is that huge in their lives too. How beautiful for all of them! Sweet Dean, awesome Sam and how cute is Emily? Excellently drawn characters and great pacing. Sam and Dean deserve something like this in their lives... You are great for giving it to them!
Tori :)
6/14/2014 c2 1salk.n.pepperz
Dont make me cry
This is beautiful. You are an amazing writer
6/14/2014 c2 54SPNxBookworm
This was worth all the wait! :D I loved this to bits! Emily is such a sweet-heart and Sam is an amazing father. Dean obviously has to be the 'spoil-the-kid-rotten' uncle ;)

The little unspoken sentences, hidden emotions, AHHH. I have no words to describe how much I loved this! It was perfection!

Eagerly waiting for more, because I'm totally in love with this fic and the feels and the adorableness.
6/13/2014 c2 1SeverusSnape'sLove
Aw, such a sweet cute story. Loved it. :)
10/31/2013 c1 12Princess Unikitty
very cool start to this two-parter.
10/6/2013 c1 46wandertogondor
This was so cute! It was such a great idea (I could not pass up reading it!) and I applaud you for thinking it up and executing it so well with your amazing writing :)
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