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for I'm Still Me

10/12/2013 c2 Amypilierfan123
just got around to reading this amazing story update please 3
10/10/2013 c2 27FinchelFan728
I feel so bad for Kurt :(
10/10/2013 c2 noro
please update soon so sad nice work
10/9/2013 c2 1Alex B. Goode
Keep up the great work!
10/9/2013 c2 1kyrandiana
Glad to see chapter 2 and kurt's point of view. U should write at the begining of each chapter who's point of view it is. Keep up the good work Hannah. Also forgive me but can u feel all the way down to your toes? U don't have to answer if I've offended u but I am curious about u. Hope to hear from u soon D
10/9/2013 c2 29Boris Yeltsin
Poor Kurt. Love it.
9/8/2013 c1 27FinchelFan728
Wow, this is amazing! I hope Finn will be okay!
9/7/2013 c1 25allieisrandom
Aww I love that you're doing a Finchel fic and dedicating it to Cory! Now give me some Finchel ;) you know I liked the other version of this fic so yeah xx
9/7/2013 c1 noro
update soon nice work
9/6/2013 c1 1kyrandiana
Like I said b4 it's good and I can't wait for more. I like how uve kept it more or less the same since letting me read the rough draft. I can't wait for more Hannah. Let me guess banking has been keeping u buzy?
9/6/2013 c1 sing-dream-love
Love it so far!
9/6/2013 c1 Lillie
Oh poor Finn. Can you please elaborate what exactly happened to him? I can't wait for the next chapter! Please update and continue as soon as you can!
9/6/2013 c1 1Alex B. Goode
Beautiful start!
9/6/2013 c1 29Boris Yeltsin
Great so far.

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