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for The Twilight Twenty-Five: Round Eight

8/14/2015 c22 6notsodelicious
That was naughty... And I loved it !
8/14/2015 c16 notsodelicious
Gosh we need more of these two !
8/14/2015 c5 notsodelicious
This is soooo sweet !
8/14/2015 c1 notsodelicious
Wonderful chapter !
10/29/2013 c25 46Cris.P.C
And another favourite! this is so sweet and cute! x3 Wonderful! I love AUs and the fact they have little baby Rosalie is lovely. n.n You know Carlisle and Esme are my favourites, so I hope you excuse me if I read and reviewed the one-shots about them first. x) I loved all of them, dear. What a pity there're no more. XD I hope you write more about this perfect couple in the future, you know how much I love it! ;) Thanks so much for writing, Aoi! :D
10/29/2013 c24 Cris.P.C
Another favourite, Aoi, dear. :D It's simply perfect. n.n So sweet, so lovely, so wonderful. x) And he's seven years older than her, just like when they met for the first time, when she was 16 and he was (physically) 23. Cx What an amazing one-shot, it's Esme's most wonderful dream. n.n One question, are they in Isle Esme or in La Push? I just have curiosity. :)
10/29/2013 c22 Cris.P.C
This was divine too. CX I loved it! You know, I recently read an article which said that brain "cleans" itself while we're sleeping. I wonder how vampires would do that since they can't sleep. I guess the venom which keeps them "alive" also does that work and they don't need to sleep to have their brains "cleaned". :) About the rest, awesome one-shot, dear. n.n I absolutely love how they please each other. CX Naughty Carlisle... I suppose he missed her so much at work he couldn't wait a second more to be inside her. x) Wonderful. :) I guess later he'll call work telling he's ill or something. XD
10/28/2013 c17 Cris.P.C
This was an interesting reflexion about immortality. Seeing so many changes through the centuries must be amazing. I've always thought they would be fascinated by all the modern technology. I assume they have a great capacity to learn knew things, other way they could be quite confused by new machines like i-phones and laptops. :) Great shot, dear. I also love how Esme loves her little son no matter how much time has passed. So touching. n.n
10/28/2013 c16 Cris.P.C
Another Carlisle and Nessie lovely grandpa-granddaughter shot. :D Yay! I love how close they are. It's so cute! n.n I wish something like this had appeared in the books or movies.
10/28/2013 c14 Cris.P.C
Aaaaawww, so beautiful! I loved this one so much! So romantic, definitely one of my favourites! There're not enough fics about them dancing. x)
10/28/2013 c6 Cris.P.C
So sweet. Cx I love when their children give them presents like this. n.n They truly deserve them. So perfectly written as always, Aoi. ;) I can completely imagine them as king and queen. x)
10/26/2013 c21 16Cathy9
I agree Jasper would have been an amazing father. Loved the back story of the princess and her brave hero.
10/26/2013 c20 Cathy9
Leave it to Em, to be telling inappropriate stories but I like this Bella. She's right Renesmee belongs to all of them.
10/26/2013 c15 Cathy9
I love hot chocolate and you had me thinking it was a vile drink. You create amazing imagery with your words. Loved Emmett's brilliant idea of how to escape the smell. Mischievous Em is one of my favourite of his qualities.
10/26/2013 c7 Cathy9
I love Emmett and you've captured the side of him I like to write about. I feel for Rose but half of a happy ending as she says is worth it.
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