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for The Twilight Twenty-Five: Round Eight

10/26/2013 c3 16Cathy9
Great use of the prompt. I can totally see Alice doing this at the spur of a moment. Poor Jasper can never surprise her.
10/26/2013 c2 Cathy9
Aww Aoi, you made me cry! I love the relationship between Esme and Rose. That chest of pictures would be fascinating to look through don't you think?
10/25/2013 c5 46Cris.P.C
Aaawww, this was so sweet and cute! There're not enough fics about Carlilse & Esme with Nessie in grandparents and grandauther cute moments. It has always bothered me so much practically no relation is showed between them in the books and movies. It's like Ness only thinks of Charlie as her grandpa, but not of Carlisle and Esme as her grandparents. And they are too! It's unfair. Steph Meyer, why you didn't show a little more interaction between them? I understand why people say you suck, Meyer. Not like you, Aoi, dear, you're wonderful, thanks a lot for writing this little one-shot! :D
10/25/2013 c4 Cris.P.C
Ah, I wish you made this a little longer! XD It was amazing, the idea of the Cullen men performing on a stage is so so good... *U* Just imagine all of them there, playing, OMG, so sexy... But Carlisle would be the sexiest for me, of course. You know he's my favourite ever. x) I wish I could have watched the performance too! XD Another awesome shot, Aoi! CX
10/25/2013 c2 Cris.P.C
This was so touching. I've always thought Esme and Rose are the two Cullen women who get along best since they have so much in common: both of them suffered abuse and share their wish of having children of their own. I think all this creates a special bond between them. I agree Rose could love Esme as her own mother, she shares more with her than with her biological mother. And I think that if Edward is is Esme's favourite son, then Rose is her favourite daughter without doubt. :) A wonderful work, big sis. CX
9/14/2013 c23 firstoma2005
I really, really liked this one! Great job.
9/7/2013 c1 Cris.P.C
This is great, as always, dearie. :D I'm SO happy you write again! CX I can't wait to read the rest of the rounds! :)
9/6/2013 c1 42TeamCarlisle
glad you've started with Carlisle/Esme.. they are my favorite
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