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5/14/2021 c21 51Blackwitch31
I am loving reading this, so...you must finish the story.
3/11/2021 c21 Anilee 10
On Digimon Adventure 02, there were two villain characters named Arukenimon and Mummymom and I find them very funny. So, I was wondering that once BlackWarGreymon and Kira finishes with IceDevimon, these two would snatched Kira hostage and drove her around in their jeep, bound and gagged.

At the power plant, BlackWarGreymon endlessly searches for Kira by blowing the place up. A short distance away, Arukenimon watches him with her binoculars.

Arukenimon: Why can't you be as powerful as him, Mummymon?
Mummymon (with alarm): Huh? But I've got charm and class! Come on, don't tell me you're falling for that prefabricated hunk of shrapnel?
[Black screen shown with bright yellow stars as Arukenimon beats up Mummymon]
Arukenimon (angrily): I don't have time to bother with all that nonsense!
Mummymon (blissfully): I'm glad, that's such a big relief! [promptly passes out on the horn, which blares loudly and will not stop because his head has it pressed in]
[Arukenimon calmy reaches over and shoves him back into place]
BlackWarGreymon: Kira! Where are you?!
[Meanwhile, all the fire and smoke has prevented Arukenimon from seeing BlackWarGreymon]
Arukenimon: Where'd he go? [binoculars move upward, she sees BlackWarGreymon soaring high overhead, preparing to attack] Huh-oh! Ohhh, if we don't get moving, that bucket of bolts is going to incinerate us! Oo...wake up Mummymon, I need you!
Mummymon: [Still out of it] Uhh...mmm? [Snaps to attention and tries to kiss Arukenimon] I thought you'd never come around, give us a kiss!
[Stars are shown again as Arukenimon dishes out some more serious punches]
Arukenimon: Anyone ever tell you you have bad breath?
Mummymon: Why that's impossible, I think I brushed my teeth at least a year ago...Huh?
3/11/2021 c21 NaRuKo-InuTaiSHo-XD
A really exciting chapter.
Looking forward to the next chapter.
7/29/2020 c21 Guest
great story Im waiting for more
5/31/2019 c21 Guest Kitsune
I've enjoyed reading this story. There isn't many fanfics about Blackwargreymon. Kira is a cool character to read about . I hope she gets more confident as the story goes. Please continue writing this story and keep up the good work!
2/8/2019 c12 slimslam
look this book is looking good don't rune it and tell me she has some power or powers that would just be boring so just make normal the book is great how it is so lets keep it this way
5/17/2018 c21 Anilee 10
What if Kira gets kidnapped by Arukenimon and Mummymon right after they're battle with IceDevimon?
3/2/2018 c21 4The Ever-Dreaming Kitten
Well, it's great to see you're back. :) And I'm looking forward to the upcoming battle.
12/17/2017 c9 lyn
Epic story!

Keep up the amazing work!

10/28/2017 c20 The Ever-Dreaming Kitten
Hey, first of all, it's really cool that someone has written a fanfic of Blackwargreymon having a partner and I really like this story. I understand if you're too busy with your life, so I won't beg you to keep writing if you don't feel like it. Still, if I may say, I am curious to know more about this story. Good luck and God bless.
2/19/2017 c20 Guest
Is this leading to a pairing? Because I feel like it's leading up to that
1/14/2017 c20 Yokai Watch
Okay, it's taking longer than that to get chapter 21. Everyone has a bad day or so.
5/13/2016 c20 Yo-Kai Watch
You know, for Blackwargreymon talking about Kira's own past almost remains of 'Beauty and the Beast'.
5/12/2016 c20 Yo-Kai Watch
Are you gonna put chapter 21 this month or next month? I really want to know what it is.
4/26/2016 c20 9Sakura Hatsu
Both are stubborn! So that it is gonna take some time. Awesome fic, it is really good.
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