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2/17/2014 c52 Kage no Tamashi
Well... Good story!
2/16/2014 c51 4mist shadow
Gives quite a perspective, doesn't it? Now he can't call Old Man Yama - Yama-Jii. That would be awkward
2/16/2014 c52 mist shadow
Well, at least this way he definitely missed the singing gnomes. Considering his popularity, he would've got white a few
2/14/2014 c52 Catcrazzed
2/13/2014 c50 bookworm83197
50 CHAPTERS! \O/ WE MUST HAVE CAKE AND COOKIES, OF COURSE! *gives you cookie-cake*
LOL, Eien is such a lovable brat. I am afraid of the mess that'll be left... .
2/13/2014 c51 Catcrazzed
thank you
2/13/2014 c51 4FrostyDew
Why didn't Ichigo kill Aizen right there and just save the trouble? Certainly he would have some explaining to do, but at least Aizen's evil plans would come to an end. And it's better to just kill Aizen then explain than explain first and risk Aizen getting away. Ichigo is pretty powerful enough to kill Aizen, right?
2/13/2014 c49 Catcrazzed
2/12/2014 c48 Guest
I really love it it's fantastic keep up the good work and plz carry on updating thanx
2/12/2014 c48 Bookworm83197
;; Poor Ichigo. I can't imagine how awful it would be to leave everything you knew behind. :( Author-San, you're scaring us too! XD
2/1/2014 c48 3Waywardneko
I like these! Short and easy to read in a sitting. :3
2/1/2014 c48 152Sweet Kagamine Kiss
Don't worry; I have produced a oneshot or two where the themes would cause my readers some concern. Although it IS a bit surprising...
1/31/2014 c48 Catcrazzed
thank you
1/30/2014 c47 Catcrazzed
1/23/2014 c45 Catcrazzed
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