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for Not a Lad, Not a Lass, but a Dragon

9/14/2020 c44 Nina
3 that was nice and need more always! :)
9/8/2020 c44 Guest
That was great, I love so much and hope to read more
7/18/2020 c43 Manu
I love it so much
7/17/2020 c43 Guest
so nice so nice this story is so nice and Vilkas and Elana are so nice! 3
7/17/2020 c42 Guest
they are so beautiful! love them
7/16/2020 c43 Nina
ohhh yees another update! i love it! I consider Whiterun to be the home of my DB so I can't stand Ulfric declaring war on this country !I love so much Elana and Vilkas! :3
7/17/2020 c43 PlipPlop
Yoooooooo I’m so happy you’re updating this story again :’) I thought you gave up on it. Keep up the good work love
7/1/2020 c42 P
so happy that you are back! that was nice! 3
7/1/2020 c42 Manu
yaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh you are baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack? omg omg ! I love your story! hpe that you are safe and your family and so happy for this update! 3 3 3 3
8/31/2016 c41 Guest
waiting for this wonderful story
8/1/2016 c41 Nina
This story is crazy, I love your DB and Vilkas, and Mirmulnir !
7/20/2016 c41 P
beautiful update and love ..love this! :)
7/18/2016 c41 Lydia
AH love it! a very great work as always ...The Dragonborn is in love I think!
7/17/2016 c41 Manu
yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this was very great! love I love the thought of Elana and Mirmulnir ... and I hope that the feeling arises between her and Vilkas! These chapters are very beautiful, I love this mission!
7/4/2016 c40 Mia78
I'm here ..love this story and I'm waiting always XD
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