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5/6 c32 3ishibby
Great story! Looking forward to the next chapter.

I never really considered the Ga Eul x Woo Bin pairing but the way you write it makes so much sense! Totally ship it now
4/5 c32 Ash
Thank you for updating. I almost forgot about this story.

I thought Woo Bin was planning or going to do something stupid in this chapter, based on what you left off of at the end of last chapter (Chapter 31).

The F4 really need to communicate more. Is Yi Jung back to his ways in Sweden? Seducing and sleeping with women and all that? What is up with the monkey anyways? She seems really random in the tv shows. Random, nice, but slightly unusual ... I chalked it up as really rich with nothing to do, not even friends/siblings/associates when I saw her character in the tv show.

Park Yo Na. I didn't forget about her, but I ASSUME that she's no longer in the story line because of the Song Family. Being in the ... gangster/Mafia family; that normally means death. Or cut off of financially, right? No longer rich? So why and how can they uhhh ... survive in the upper elite? I seriously thought they had it hard as a normal family or destitute. Maybe desperate enough for Park Yo Na and her mom (and sisters/females, if there's any) to ... *cough* run the streets. A.K.A hooking.
Cause you know ... no longer rich means no brand names ... anything. Or spending crazily ... or anything else really.

Looking forward on the next chapter. Really. I am. Especially Park Yo Na rushed in Woo Bin's office. Looking "Haggard, Page, and all sorts of wrong". Out of breathe because she RAN from wherever she was? Or because it got to her and she turned FUCKING CRAZY INSAAAAAANE?!

Soooooooooo ... please update a.s.a.p!
4/5 c32 satomika

I'm typing this on my computer, and I'm not sure if it's connected to my account... most likely not...but you can always PM me or what...


It's been a long time since I read the next chapter! But anyway, it was a good one! I liked how Yi Jung and Woo Bin had a conversation here. I missed them being bros but I honestly love their jealousy/rivalry.

Hope you update soon!
4/3 c32 crizzychoo
I’m glad you updated this ️
4/2 c32 Guest
Yay, you updated!
Ga Eul and Woo Bin's interactions are so endearing.
4/1 c32 BabyQuqu
yeayyyyy its an updateeee
thank youuuuuu
4/1 c32 davian11
Park Yoo na again! When will she learn
4/1 c32 Guest
OMG, you can't stop here ! Pretty please update soon ! Love it
4/1 c32 heartluv
OHHHH I'm curious to know what Park Yo Na wants from Woo Bin...maybe understanding how much hurting Ga Eul was the wrong move or...she's taking revenge again and has gone nuts :O.

But so cute that Ga Eul came to see him and that Yi Jeong is finally accepting it!
4/1 c32 22JodiMarie2910
Happy to see another chapter from you! And you're connecting this story to Eutectic now, I see. I have to admit, I never thought of YJ with JK before you posted that one chapter of Eutectic, but you're a great writer, so I have a feeling if you decide to continue it, you can pull it off. SoEul is forever my OTP, but you've had me reading a GaBin fic for, idk, two years now so...Kudos to you! Stay safe! Be well! And I hope this year is treating you well so far!
4/1 c32 lucel18
No! She interrupted them.
Monkey and YiJung? That’s quite an unusual pairing.. LOL.. thank you so much for this update!
1/9 c31 Guest
Please please update
This story is great and you are always making us wait for too long, that makes me sad actually
Can you put more romantic scenes between them ,please?
I really hope that you can update soon and that you didn't abandon this story
Stay safe
1/7 c31 TheGirlOfBooks07
Porfa sigue
1/1 c31 43satomika


What a cliffhanger!

Happy New Year and hope you update soon!
12/28/2020 c31 Guest
Please don't leave us like this
Please please update soon
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