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7/8 c30 8Miriallia10
I really love this chapter, hope to read you soon!
6/21 c30 Luz
Ojalá termines las historia
6/21 c16 Luz
1ue capitulo más impactante en verdad
6/14 c30 Kathyan
Buena historia, lastima que no la termino
5/19 c29 pnwer
I love their interaction in this chapter!
5/16 c30 8rose7anne101
I hope you are also staying safe!
Great chapter, finally the F4 together, and I loveeeee the interaction between them, you always capture it in a believable way. I could imagine it happen.

what about GE? didn't Woo Bin assign bodyguards for her? I don't think he would let her roam alone.
yeah, Yi Jung is probably right, at least it feels this way.
looking forward to the revenge and hopefully more fluff.
keep it up.
5/11 c30 TIGGY1
I absolutely loved it! Awaiting for your next chapter!
You stay safe too!
5/11 c30 heartluv
Ohh another update?! WOOOTTTT and of course another cliffhanger sigh hahha.. I hope the Parks get what they deserve!
5/10 c30 43satomika
That was short!

But things are slowly getting clearer for the characters.

Anyhow, how’s your part of the world? Stay safe, too!
5/10 c30 Guest
Thank you for the update. Looking forward to this story.
Stay safe.

5/10 c30 Davies467
omg omg. u have missed you so much
5/10 c30 14DarkClerk
You beautiful quarantine angel! Thank you so much for updating! I love this. I have always wondered how Woo Bin's mafia background was viewed in the group and this interpretation is perfect! Thank you for giving us so much of this fascinating character!
5/10 c30 Ladywisdom
Thank you! What a fun chapter!
5/10 c30 13JodiMarie2910
Thanks so much for the update! I love all of them being back together like that. Can't wait to see what they discover.
5/10 c30 MrsPotterDrEw
Gah I love this story so much. I need more Woo Bin and Ga Eul in my life.
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