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10/3/2014 c7 6I'm Number Eleven
Actually I made up a name for Sam and Six, Sim
5/25/2014 c8 EpicLoric24
You're being mean and messing with us. You won't kill Eight. XD You can't hehe
Great chapter please update soon
5/23/2014 c8 13meganace
Yay! An update! Oh no, Eight, not again! Marina's going to be so upset! Update soon.
5/20/2014 c8 2124 Lines
Been waiting forever, this was the first ever LL fanfic I ever soon, I am excited!
5/20/2014 c8 3scone104
I know I said it before but how could you do this? And although I'm looking forward to the attack, without Eight it will be horrible :((((( Please don't kill him!
5/20/2014 c8 17im-a-freaking-spy
I'm speechless. All I can say is this chapter was EPIC. I can't wait for the next one and I so hope Eight is not dead :(
2/6/2014 c7 2TomFieldings
Great chapter! I really love this story, and I'm hoping that the whole deal with Eight and the Forest of Nightmares Six mentioned means what i think it does... But I won't say what in case I jinx it.
Keep writing! Can't wait to read more... This story rocks!
2/6/2014 c7 EpicLoric24
That was an amazing chapter. It's great. Let Maeina breakdown or something pls.

Update soon.

Oh btw, yeah more Nix please. XD
2/5/2014 c7 3scone104
Argh! That was amazing XD Finally some fluffiness and then they met Six, and she didn't die after all and now I'm really scared that Eight is going to die later. Please don't kill him! Let Marina heal him and then when she goes back to earth, he will BE ALIVE. Please! I am begging you :((((((((
I am loving the length! And I don't want it to end *cries* it's too amazing! UPDATE SOON :P
2/5/2014 c7 2124 Lines
Love it
2/5/2014 c7 17im-a-freaking-spy
This. Was. AWESOME. The Navrina had me sooo happy and the Nix was fine, I like it best when Nine somewhat flirts with Six :)
2/4/2014 c6 2TomFieldings
Great chapter! This whole story is much more interesting than it sounds when you first take a look at it. Brilliant work! I love your story so much! Can't wait for the next update. Keep going!
1/25/2014 c6 1IfICouldOnlyFly
Is the witch Six? She's the only Garde who hasn't been introduced yet.
1/25/2014 c6 3scone104
ARGHHHHHHH! Cliffhanger! Why :((((((
Loved this chapter, probably my favourite so far XD Update soon!
1/25/2014 c6 EpicLoric24
Is Five there too? Ughh.

Your story is so wonderful! Awkward Navrina haha. I was hoping that when they all turn into somewhat a clam scene !arina would suddenly breakdown or something that Eight will know that she is not from Oz or that he died or something XD
Update soon!
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