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6/13/2020 c3 Guest
Plz explain what the actual fuck just happened
6/17/2017 c3 Guest
Please continue its good I really like it
5/6/2016 c3 Kittens mama
Why would gill do such a thing?
10/15/2015 c1 2QueenEviefan2019
This is a great story. Please update soon with more chapters.
3/4/2015 c3 1 queen of hearts
Gill killed lagoona wtf so he's L
11/19/2014 c3 SilvahBittah01
I thought it over today and I figured out some of this.

Lagoona Was The Instagator in the whole situation. YEA She Hoaxed everyone into thinking she was murdered. She had a Reason but she calls it "Complicated". That Shocked everyone and got really angry at her.

Lagoona Wasn't The Only One. the police said that There was more who took part of this criminal action,
Lagoona {The Main}, Romulus, & Gory.
At First, Frankie Was Right bout Lagoona Being L. But also, they knew Gory was part of the problem after the revenge incident.
Gil Might be Innocent, But he was charged for Busting up Lagoona's Memorial Bust. Clawdeen, Howleen's & Clawd was extremely pissed with Romulus cuz he was against them the whole time.
(The Ghouls Accused Ghoulia because she was the only ghoul they know who hasn't got a single text or message from L. Which Turned out to be false.)
Gory Got charged for bullying Draculaura, as well as the others, but the others got worse heading their way.
Lagoona finally fessed up. and there was one more person who was part of all this. The Real Ghoul behind L...
Lagoona Was Pressured By Valentine, Threatening to Ruin everyone's life, Also As Revenge on Draculaura from back at her Sweet 1600.
So, Lagoona Was Arrested But Valentine Was The Real Monster behind the whole Threat! Not Lagoona, She was Pressured & Forced.
The punishment for them was worse but luckily lightened just b/c they're kids.
As For Cleo, The Cops Dealted with her bout the shoplifting incident, so Now, she Spends 5 months in Jail; {Cops said if she shows up in any store she would spend three days in jail. So Because of The Gory Incident, That had ruined her chance to stay away from the law so She gets 5 months of Jail Time...} that emotionally Killed her as she cried softly and quickly ran to hug ghoulia who also sheadded a few tears.
Frankie, Clawdeen, & Draculaura will be charged for destruction, trespassing, injuries towards Gory's folks,& mis-use of weapons. They Will Also Be doing 500 hours of community service. Gil would have done 1,000 but the cops said he will be paying for damages for the memorial & he will be doing 600 of community service. the Worse came for Lagoona as she sobbed.
But They will decide the final Sentence of punishment for her in private wth just her and her family, As For Gory & Romulus, Both are gonna have 1,000 hours of community service along with a $4000 fine (For disturbing the School with Chaos). But Lagoona got Real Lucky after she passed the lie detector test. she Also had to answer questions from the authorities, Apologize to everyone; Frankie, Draculaura, Clawdeen, Lagoona & Cleo went and Apologized to Gory which she was forced to accept it or else they will increase her hours or raise her punishment. So Now, Eyes are watched between Gory and The Ghouls along with Toralei, which was a surprise, she didn't cause trouble for once. And As For Valentine, He's Finished... Forever...
I will cont. This after I work this out some more. Sorry if this is confusing u
11/19/2014 c3 Guest
I Got An Idea For The Next Chapter.
If I Could Type it for U that Is. {I'm Thinking That Not to Make Lagoona Actually Dead, that's Killing The Character of someone else's Ideas. I Love This Story A lot. But what If This Twist: Lagoona Hoaxed Everyone into Thinking She Was Killed-Due To This Gory Incident.
L not only contacts the 4 Ghouls Every Day, but it's almost every few hours or less. L Knows What Goes On And Says L is watching All of Them.
Frankie, Cleo, Clawdeeb & Draculaura Has Lined Up The Suspects Of Who Might have Crashed The Memorial Bust For Lagoona.
Nefera, Toralei & Gory.
Thing Is, Nefera does only Go At Her Sister Cleo. Not The Whole Ghouls unless they are on a Shopping Spree/Day.
Toralei: Always been mean to The Ghouls, never had hated them, but also Has hated Cleo & Would Go at Her any chance She'll Get. And Gory, That Incident. of Course He Recovered From That Prank of Revenge, But That can still be around to question.
Who Crashed The Memorial?
It Couldn't have Been Nefera
It leaves With Toralei & Gory.
Gory, She Wouldn't do Somethin like That! She Teases Draculaura To Make her Upset but think Bout it for a Moment... Would U think she be the type of Monster who would do somethin like this?
Even If Je doesn't know Lagoona That Well, she Isn't the one who must have smashed the Memorial Bust. Not To Mention That She would have become very less low than who she is when that incident would have linked to something that had to do with This.
And Then There's Toralei.
Of Course She'll come up with Lots Of Harmful but Risky Schemes to Ruin the Ghouls day or to get them in trouble, but she ain't THAT low down to smash The Memorial Bust. Of Course She Knows Lagoona but She Has A Soft Side to her personality.
Now. Those Three Isn't It.
But As U can See, The Cops Took Gil in For murdering Lagoona Blue.
He Turns Out Innocent though He has lack of evidence. With Help From His Friends.
With L constantly Ruining The Ghoul's Lives,

Remember L Wanted Draculaura To Steal Cleo's Amulet and To Tell Ppl Bout Frankie's Father Outrage? Well even Though L Knew She Isn't gonna Do It, She Then Contacted Toralei to Tell everyone Frankie's Secret. W/o hesitation Toralei Head off to tell'em till something hit her. She started Questioning L but L Didn't Reply Back. No Number reached. So She Had to think out loud and L Ubderstood Her.
"I Thought U were hardcore like, well I guess I was wrong bout you." (actually, L say'd too much for Toralei to understand what L was Tryna do.) Then L Will start Threatinin Toralei that L would tell humiliating Lies bout Her ruining her Rep and being a Complete outcast. So... L Took Action And Spread Loose the Gory Incident but contacted Gory.
Then L Threw Out Frankie's Sexret and All Hell Breaks Loose.

Soon Enough but after all the commotion, The Ghould are on Hardcore lockdown as well as the school due to threatening Text messages going around. They Even started to Accuse Spectra just CUZ she's the Ghoul Gossip & the Newspaper Ghoul.
The only weird Thing is L never contacted Ghoulia CUZ She was never involved in anything. Plus, L Ubderestimated her (Zombies Are Stupid) so That Lead Ghoulia to Be Undercover. She Dragged Toralei to Help and Spectra Just So Happen to Wanna join in due to everyone accusing her.
The 4 busted Ghouls somehow escaped thnx to Romulus.

Eventually, Purrsephone, Meowlody, Abbey, Heath, & Howleen tagged Along with the Three and The Four Ghouls and The Group Met up. Then Soon Enough, they Saw a Real Familiar Face and That Was Lagoona!
{They Were so Shocked},
Also, They Tried to See who Was Also In with it. And It could Be Romulus & One More Ghoul From The School...}

I'll Tell U The rest Later if U Let Me try to type the story. Big Thnx

My Username could Change but I'm Silvah Bittah01
11/17/2014 c3 Guest
This Is Epically Intriguing! U Gotta Keep the Story going! We All Want U to. This Story was the very first One I've read. & I Enjoyed it all. Plz Continue. We All Love you... But that's up to U to decide

11/14/2014 c1 Guest
C'mon Man, Plz Keep The Story Goin!
11/12/2014 c3 SilvahBittah01
U keep this going cuz this has gotten super amazing up to here...

I can't wait to find out what happens next with Gil & The Ghoul Crew
Big Fan of Monster High btw
7/11/2014 c3 2Jugglingmonster
2/16/2014 c3 jamie
wut the fuck so weird
2/4/2014 c3 Jam
Write some more the 4 chapter
1/20/2014 c3 1DarklingBeast
Awesome story, not a fan of the series this is based on but I love the style cant wait for more
12/8/2013 c3 3Miranda Hanes
Ahhhhhhhh! Gil. Really! And isn't it spelled with one l and not two but that is a small thing this is amazing writing ghoul you have me attached. Oh and before I forget what about Cleo and the shop lifting incident?
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