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9/25/2017 c1 19Poet Wroet
It wasn't even about just the USA. I'm from Europe, I remember 9/11, although obviously (given my age) not the impact. I was four and a half years old; I was sitting on the coffee table in the living room, watching the Towers burn on TV. My mother was on the phone to her mother, pacing between me and the TV. It's the first memory I have I can put a date to.
1/25/2014 c1 Gigglesforcsi
I was just looking through these posts looking for a specific story when I came across this one I think you captured the experience very well, I'm from Canada & I remember seeing thd devestation on tv but I can't imagine what it must've been like for those who were directly affected & the rest of America, great job I like your writing style you capture the characters really well too so I'm going to bookmark your name so that I can read more of your stories :)
9/12/2013 c1 83LoveShipper
No one truly understands what the victims and their family left behind went through that dreadful day unless you were there
9/12/2013 c1 32lily moonlight
This was good. I rarely read fics about this subject, as it's sometimes very easy to get it wrong, but you did a good job. It was honest and worked really well being told via Lucy and Danny's memories.
9/12/2013 c1 wolfeylady
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9/12/2013 c1 35Mel1592
Wow, nice. Sad, too.

Im glad they let Mac be happy again in the end.
9/12/2013 c1 33Kates89
This was really good, I loved seeing Danny's relationship with an older Lucy and I think he did a great job at explaining September 11th to her :)
9/11/2013 c1 ABVR
Wow . . . really, really different than your usual style, but staggeringly good. Stop-and-blink at the screen good. It's really hard to bring off a story where one fictional character explains the real world -our world - to another fictional character, but you managed it . . . Danny's first words sound *exactly* like him, and right through the story I think you nail his "talking to Lucy" voice.

It works, in that respect, even better than the 9/11 episode of "The West Wing." Good as that was, all the WW characters in it (just for that episode) quit "sounding" like themselves and became Aaron Sorkin, talking to the viewers. In yours, even when Danny goes into "explain the world" mode, he still *sounds* like Danny talking to Lucy . . . rather than you talking to your readers.

Grace notes that really caught my attention:

"Isn't there some protocol . . . ?" Perfect. It captures, in two lines, how hard it is to un-know something that's always been true in your world.

"Uncle Mac was married?" At first I thought: "Wait . . . she knows about Aiden, who died before she was born, but not Claire?" But then: Yes, of course. Aiden would have been alive, all of Lucy's life, in Danny's (and Don's, and Mac's) stories. But - out of consideration for Mac - there wouldn't have been Claire stories.

Danny - the ultimate New Yorker, the person in the show most likely to feel personally affronted by an attack on "his" city - saying "it wasn't about New York," which makes the sentiment all the more powerful.

"I pray to God that you never fully understand." Amen.

Your 9/11 stories have been uniformly excellent . . . but this one tops 'em all. Bravo.
9/11/2013 c1 82NYwLove
It says what it needs to and then some, I think it captures thad awfully day perfectly and framing it through Danny explaining it to Lucy was amazing!

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