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8/10/2016 c11 mckertis
Great, Harry suffered so much and his reward is a used and worn second-hand girlfriend.
3/13/2016 c13 3desireejones99
excellent story, the way it is, but I am a Fanatical Harmionion
2/24/2016 c12 20Alytiger
'Uncle Ron get married all the time!' Good job Tedster for having the best line of the fic
7/9/2015 c11 3CleoViolet
I'm so so so so sorry, but this won't be a happy review.
I Adored this story up until this chapter. I love George/Hermione. But I'm afraid I cannot stand Harry/Hermione parings. In my opinion they are Brother/Sister nothing else. And it is so wrong to have them as a paring. I understand everyone is entitled to their own opinions so I am not going to say you're a terrible writer, because you're really not. Just wanted to let you know that I enjoy the story up until this point and am sorry my views has stopped me from reading this because if I was a harmione shipper I would probably continue reading it.
6/20/2014 c13 2pfeil
Thanks for the warning; I'll be sure not to read the new one.
6/20/2014 c2 44TheJesusFreak777
George is so sweet but slightly OOC. Still, I enjoy this
6/20/2014 c1 TheJesusFreak777
I know this is a really minor detail, but it would be a completely different genre if Susan turned out to be Susan Pevensie from Narnia and this was a crossover. Just throwing it out there.

So far I really enjoy reading this.
5/9/2014 c12 SereniteRose
good story love the ending hate Ron and Ginny.
2/3/2014 c3 14emeralgreenlove
I'm not questioning. Your authority as author,but George and H's relationship is going great, why would she eventually be in a romance with Harry?
1/29/2014 c6 31Litfreak89
"You don't have to seduce me George; I'm already naked." I love that lol...
1/24/2014 c12 6starlite22
Read this yesterday but couldn't remember my password to log in and comment. Read this story alot apart from the last couple if chapters. Actually wanted her to stay with George as you'd made their relationship so believable. Really found it strange how quickly George abandoned, and her and Harry happened to quickly. You word/write great story's but feel you rush the pase a little.
12/13/2013 c12 2Penny is wise
Awesome story. I'm not ashamed to say I just skimmed the story till the Harry/Hermione part.
10/27/2013 c12 2see-TLAH-lee92
aww sad they didn't end up together but i understand
10/17/2013 c12 3TheShiningStar
That was a very sweet story!
10/12/2013 c12 xXMizz Alec VolturiXx
Not sure if I'm happy with the ending but it's your story nt mine
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