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9/16/2013 c9 Guest
Interesting story looking forward to reading more soon
9/14/2013 c8 Elizabeth
How will Ron handle Christmas with GeorgexHermione? Will he try to get Hermione under the mistletoe only for George to save her from him or would it be Charlie who saves her from Ron's lips as George is to far away?
9/14/2013 c8 pizziagirl
like it update soon
9/16/2013 c9 Rea558750
Awe really cute chapter
9/14/2013 c7 Elizabeth
How will Ron react to George dating and living with Hermione?
9/13/2013 c7 Elizabeth
Is the pure blooded Ginny barren? Is she worry that Harry is slipping away from her? Does Ginny want Teddy because she knows Harry wants a family and would never leave his kid? Is she worry Harry would leave to play the daddy to Hermione mommy? Please update soon
9/15/2013 c9 Cat130
loving the story thank you
9/15/2013 c9 6NorthernLights25
So sweet!
9/13/2013 c7 pizziagirl
Like it uodate soon
9/14/2013 c8 2MGA-Middy
Interesting story. Hope you update soon
9/14/2013 c8 6NorthernLights25
Great chapter!
9/14/2013 c8 Cat130
loving the story
9/14/2013 c8 Rea558750
Can't wait for more
9/14/2013 c8 3arabellagrace
Very glad they made up
9/14/2013 c7 4Baby Fawn
Oh wow can't wai tl see a possible handing of a rump George vs Ginny lol looks like it might be a good fight
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