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9/14/2013 c7 Rea558750
Lol poor harry XD can't wait to see what funny has to say
9/14/2013 c7 3arabellagrace
Can't wait for the next chapter... And does birth control work with the weasleys?
9/13/2013 c7 Cat130
loved the chapter
9/13/2013 c7 abramodali
Fabulous as always! Thanks for so much updating!
9/13/2013 c7 5Angel Girl5
Generally, no it isn't, lol!

Cant wait for the fireworks!
9/13/2013 c6 Angel Girl5
I think George is happy now, lol!
9/13/2013 c7 6NorthernLights25
I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next.
9/13/2013 c5 Meitschi-89
Go Teddy! LOL
9/12/2013 c6 NorthernLights25
I'm glad Harry saw sense. :)
9/12/2013 c6 nikyta
love itttttttttttt
9/12/2013 c6 Cat130
loved the chapter
9/12/2013 c5 Guest
loved it more please
9/12/2013 c5 pizziagirll
like it. update soon
9/12/2013 c5 Guest
I love the story and I totally agree not everyone is meant to be a parent keep writing
9/12/2013 c5 Guest
I love the story keep writing. Ginny needs to grow up
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