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12/28/2021 c1 hunzbookwyrm
Cute story
10/3/2020 c1 13stevem1
This is sadly funny.
7/17/2020 c1 marcinkrycki2314
That was one of the most fucked up things i read in a lond timr...
10/14/2019 c1 1ChiDead
wow. beautiful.
6/20/2019 c1 Guest
Greate another incest stupidity. And to the resume so no one read this stupidity unless they are into it
6/16/2019 c1 31EdTheBeast
Definitely a funny one.
1/29/2019 c1 Sypho Dias
Well... that was weird. Wtf did I just read... I think I'm scarred for life...
7/20/2018 c1 R0gueMess1ah
What the hell did I just read?
6/18/2018 c1 KrisB-71854
Um, Harry didn't swear by any potter family vows. He married under whatever the local marriage customs /phrase was. Remus was full of BS.

If Harry needs to get irked, he could kill of Remus as an utterly wasteful ass to his sister and well everything...

Then they would just need a few memory charms to forget who Holly's biological dad was. Hell, they could fiddle things and say she was Sirius's kid that he had using the Potter name. He didn't use the Black name as he didn't want his family to ever have any connection to her or find her to kill her.

I actually don't see this as nearly that big of a deal. It would almost be funnier though if they had been married with a dozen kids and never knew who her parents were. Just because James was the last known Potter didn't mean that he couldn't have been looking out for the other Potter branches and also hiding them from the entire British war. They could have though it was a minor chance that she had the same last name. Until some new heritage potion/family tree was being tested out and they thought what the heck. Other than a quick eww, it wouldn't really change anything. Likely they could just oblivate everyone that finds out and go about their business.
2/12/2018 c1 StonerMcWeedPot
HOOOLLLYY SHITTT! I fucking called it dude. As soon as you described and introduced Holly, I was like, yup. This author is either going to make Holly Harry’s sister or find a way to make the current situation more fucked up lmao. This was hilarious my dude, I’d pay to see more.
5/7/2017 c1 Mararsi
Thanks! I've enjoyed quite a few of your stories. All very original and well written. Thanks for the hard work!
7/24/2016 c1 Guest
Advise to inteligent people, not this writer, do not under any motive follwo any of those sugested writers or challenge, both goes to irresponsible and moronic wroters who cannot finish one story but keep bringing new ones also dead, example whitetiger whatever name it if has like 21 abamdom stories up to adoption, and more than 20 none update stories since like 3 to 4 years and has the audacity of stating that all of them are active oh and do not even bother to ask him anything, is stupid enough to insult you just for asking, exactly as DZ2 moron writer
7/24/2016 c1 Guest
I will to said it is good but no it is not, first the irresponsible amd extreme bad James Potter you state is absurb, then the complete moronic actitud of Remus that as a werewolf he was incapable of distinguish a gay from real women and to add to it the suppose lavk of knowledge of the muggle world. This sound exactly as any moronic bigot story write with 0 brain cells. Stupid story
7/23/2016 c1 36Jonn Wolfe
Hah! Way to turn the thing on its ear!
1/12/2016 c1 Tarix
Weird, disgusting, but so funny.
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