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9/17 c44 3Total Oneness Jacen Solo
This is something that I came up with regarding Sauron in this crossover. Please let me know what you think.

"I rule you from the shadows.
I am the King of Darkness.
I am the Bringer of Corruption and Lies.
I am the ruler of the Sons of Perdition, the Dark Spirits who bring wickedness and war who rules your nations.
I am the angel who persecutes you, and I am he who is your adversary.
I am the God of the world who condemns you everyday.
I am he who is called the Red Dragon, the Serpent, the angel who fell for his lawlessness who now rules this Earthly realm and I will be the true King who rules over all.
And I shall release the greater Sons of Perdition from their prison, and the greatest among them shall rise, the Beast, the Son of Azazel, the Watcher King who will be your Messiah and rule you with an iron fist.
And a prophet who shall praise and enforce his laws for him.
For his throne has been guaranteed for the Sons of Darkness, the wicked priests of my worship have ensured it.
The third temple shall rise and the Red Dragon shall be praised, and with that many of your people shall fall into damnation with me."
9/4 c18 Khettana
Best chapter yet
8/22 c42 9Thomas Drovin
And so the Ardra campaign has ended...*Chuckles* Obi-Wan and Anakin will have a LOT of interesting stories to tell their friends and loved ones about their time away! They're really going to miss Gandalf and the Fellowship...Anakin will surely miss Gimil that's for sure!

BUT I fear this is only the beginning! For Sauron STILL lives thanks to his extra ring he gave to Vica, and thanks to Paplatine aka Darth Sidious he has a chance to start AGAIN. With Palpatine's help the Dark Lord can make GOOD on his new resolve to take not JUST Arda but the GALAXY as well!

Because as a wise person once said: "The Evil do not trust and they do not share. Fortunately Alliance is seldom on their minds. Unfortunately Villains are infinitely Unpredictable. You prey for discord...and they present you with an accursed alliance. For Power! Power is what evil desires the most...power to obtain MORE power!"

THAT's what our two Dark Lords want! So you can BET I'm going to read your lovely sequel to this story and see just how things turn out! See you...OUT THERE! Good Health, Clear Body, Strong Mind!
8/22 c41 Thomas Drovin
WOW! What a CHAPTER! Talk about INTENSE! This was FANTASTIC! OUTSTANDING! A TRIUMPH! Why do people not LIKE this?! They're unimaginative plodders! They're obviously jealous because they never thought of such a fantastic idea like this! I wish I sure had! Anyway onwards to the LAST chapter to see the end of the Arda Campaign!
8/22 c40 Thomas Drovin
Oh WOW! NOW the END, end game is starting! Vica is BACK processed by Sauron and Anakin has GOT the one TRUE Ring off Frodo after the Magna Guards stopped him. SO...now the REAL duel of the Fates begins! Onwards to see how this turns out!

PS: Regardless of what other hecklers may say about your works, I LOVE this story! I KNOW this ISN'T cannon its a piece of Fan-FICTION and its written for creative amusement. Other fools don't HAVE to read your works NOBODY is forcing them right? Onwards to the next chapter!
8/22 c5 Guest
Dont know why u put an OC, ruins the story
8/22 c39 Thomas Drovin
The end draws near as Anakin, Obi-Wan, and their friends go to help and rally EVERYONE on Ardra to help fight Sauron. I must say it was wise of Aragon to accept help from his Jedi friends with their transports to help get messengers out, I can't WAIT to see the looks on their faces when they see them! Meanwhile...I see Palpatine's special ops team have arrived...so is this the END nearing? Or only the BEGGINING? Onwards to find out!
8/22 c38 Thomas Drovin
Ah-HA! I thought as much! Vica ISN'T dead...at least not yet! No doubt what was happening in her mind was the result of Sauron's Ring he gave her. It explains HOW she ended up back with her battle droids. That'll make Palpatine happy...he's VERY interested in finding Vica as she's hand more first hand experience with Sauron and his power first hand. I can't blame him for getting together a special ops team to find her.

Meanwhile DESPITE his nightmares about the POSSIBLE future...Anakin and his friends are going to help Bard and the people of Dale and THEN take on the Dark Lord. The Sooner the Better I say! Onwards to the net chapter to find out how this turns out!
8/22 c37 Thomas Drovin
I was greatly enjoying the post-war debates between the Clone Troopers, Drag and Jex, nice to see at least SOME of the Clones were trying to contemplate life AFTER the Clone Wars. Too bad they didn't make it...I just wonder WHO ended up killing them? I can have a guess WHY they were killed though.

As for Grievous I see he's picking up where he left off in the Clone Wars with the Battle of Kashyyk, I guess he gave his reports to Dooku and his Master. I'm surprised he went to the Wookie Planet...after Arda I would have thought he'd want to stay AWAY from planets that reminded him of Arda. But at least his enemy provide him with a CHALLENGE huh? *Chuckles*

The discussion between Aragorn and Anakin on how they planned to fool Sauron by letting the Dark Lord think Aragorn has the Ring was clever. But then so is the enemy’s preparations for the Battle at the Black Gate...Droids AND Orcs! I can’t wait to see how it all comes together, so onwards to the next chapter to see!
8/22 c36 Thomas Drovin
Looks like we're approaching the end game for this Campaign on Arda our friends will attack Mordor to draw Sauron's forces out! Unfortunately they STILL don't know about the Magna Guards on Mount Doom!

I can't blame Anakin for being sad about eventually LEAVING Arda as he and Obi-Wan have gotten to know the planet and its people real well. But the Clone Wars DO still rage and they are needed...but perhaps ONE ay they may return...Arda seems like a nice peaceful planet in most parts. But first they have to defeat Sauron. I'm just happy the Republic are keeping their word and REMOVING all their and CIS weapons and equipment from Arda as NO-ON is ready for that kind of thing. But there's no points for guessing WHO ordered a Medical capsule for the 'late' Vica is there? *Chuckles*

Onwards to the next chapter to see what happens next!
8/21 c35 Thomas Drovin
Oh terrific...Vica's last orders to her Droid Army WAS intercepted by the Clone's but thanks to a pompous commanding officer the message WASN'T passed on to the Anakin and his friends. If they go to Mordor to help Frodo, Sam and Gollum they'll be facing THEM as well as the Orcs!

I have to feel sorry for the Clones...they've battled a lot of CIS droids and allies but the Orcs of Arda have REALLY given them a run for their money! Orcs are VERY durable in battle even against clone soldiers armed with blasters!

It doesn't surprise me to hear that the Clone Wars have been dragged out with Anakin and Obi-Wan on Arda...without THEM or Grievous around Palpatine couldn't go ahead with his plans and so had Dooku drag out the War until he located them. I feel that once Arda is finished things will move again...BUT they MAY be altered after all this.

So I'll read on and see just HOW our friends will end this conflict on Arda and just what will happen when it does. Onwards!
8/20 c34 Thomas Drovin
Well! It seems EVERYONE that if Force Sensetive in the Galaxy, Jedi and Sith FELT Akain become ONE with the Living Force. It makes sense I mean if they can feel someone like Sauron then why not something almost EQUALLY good? I think Palpatine's plans for Anakin will have to be ALTERED...I see he's already contemplating about Sauron already.

As for Anakin...thanks to Gandalf and Obi-Wan he not only sent Sauron OUT of Vica's body but he destroyed the Droid Army all by himself! What a FEAT that was! That dream he had was SO true...as Yoda has said "Always in motion is future." So...the future events Anakin saw MAY happen, they may NOT happen, or perhas the WILL happen and just be slightly ALTERED. I feel after this event they will be ALTERED...but better or worse? We'll have to wait and see.

I have to say it was nice of Gimli to watch over Anakin until he woke up, they've both gotten rather fond of each other during this Campaign. Just like him and 'the elf' *Chuckles*

I see that Vica left pre programed instructions into the reamining Droid Armies SHOULD she be 'taken out of the picture' HELP Sauron at all costs...if you win get back into contact with the CIS...if not...deactivate. AS for the Mahnaguards...there's no points for guessing WHO is near their position is there? How the heck are those 3 going to get past GRIEVOUS' elite battle droids? I'll read on to find out! Onwards!

PS: With THIS Reivew your lovely, lovey story has now got 500 Reviews! In my opinion they are well deserved as this story ROCKS, and that is REGARDLESS of spelling mistakes and if people 'don't like it.' They have free will...if they don't like it they don't have to read OR review it...NOBODY forces them to! Cheers!
8/20 c33 Thomas Drovin


Now THAT was IMPRESSIVE! For Anakin to do THAT will SURELY make all of Palpatine's plans go RIGHT out the WINDOW!

Mind you he had help...he was NEVER alone...I thank the GODS for Obi-Wan and Gandalf! But I fear this is NOT the end! Onwards to the next chapter to see the results!
8/20 c32 Thomas Drovin
Things are heating up nicely in this battle now! Thanks to Palpatine's prodding with the Force, Sauron became AWARE of it and now not only the Sith but ALL the Jedi know of the dark dangerous POWERFUL evil on Arda! Its also given Sauron a place of focus...knowing that there is ANOTHER 'Dark Lord' out there. This is getting FANTASTIC! No doubt Palpatine will have a LOT of demands of reports from Grievous of what happened out on Arda.

Meanwhile in the true Lord of the Rings Fashion the tide is SLOWLY turning again with Elves joining the battle and the Eagles too! The Forces of nature helping to destroy all those AGAINST it, I hope THAT will encourage Anakin NOT end up how a certain Dark Jedi is going! Onwards to the next chapter to see the results!
8/20 c31 Thomas Drovin
I do believe Sauron's ring that he gave Vica really is warping her WORSE than the the One True Ring. She certainly has become more bloodthirsty and savage with her antics...but she can STILL use the Dark Side. She's very cleverly starting using the Orcs to give her a hand to keep the Clone Troopers busy and away from her battle droids! She's deliberately provoked Anakin and now they are going to battle again...I sure hope this doesn't get REAL nasty. Anakin has been doing so well thanks to Gandalf and his frinds...onwards to the next chapter to see the result!
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