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4/13 c1 1jinxedtodeath
this brought back so much nostalgia...
and the new seasons, the redone art style, a thought out plot, and this blurb just...
wow. i'm glad
8/23/2015 c1 Patrick
Wait! And there is no eng sub title... (kindly note)
7/22/2015 c1 9FireCube
"It is a high-teech place, and robots and humans live side-by-side." *cough* Rocchino does not approve *cough* change to "It is a high-tech place where robots and humans live side-by-side." I think it would be worth adding "side-by-side in harmony" or something like that. I assumed that they lived in harmony, but I immediately thought of the Native Americans and Englishmen living "side-by-side" under not-so-harmonious conditions.

"when they were... screw up". 'when they were' past tense. Screw up not past tense. Change "screw" to "screwed"?

Me asking questions: why are there five stones? Does each one do something special?

"hit by them"? Who/what is them? The materials? Big and Little Guai? The rubbish dump?

"vehicles"? What vehicles? Where did they come from? Were they the "them" referred to earlier? If so, please specify! No ambiguous pronouns! #rocchino

"having semi-crash landed". I think it's supposed to be "semi-crash-landed"? Not sure though.

Ohhhhhh the five stones are the heroes! (I'm writing this review as I read, not after)

"This is another season of shenanigans and laughs and fights!". Could not help but laugh at this summary. Very pithy. Nice going.

"revisit School of Monsters". Did you mention that place before? "They are progressing at a decent pace...", the monsters? Or the heroes?

"Big Guai and Little Guai use a device to mess up the endings of the stories, and not it is up to the five Heroes to fix them" sounds exactly like a summary of an episode on would read on an official page. Much ambiguity. Anyway, I kind of follow what is happening at this point (I hope).

"Planet Hui had sent...". I think taking out the "had" sounds better.

"On it was the plan that the army had planned on following." Much redundancy?

"wreaking havoc for Xing" sounds better than "causing havoc for Xing" in my opinion.

I think "where their activation points was" is supposed to be "where their activiation points were" because plurality. This reminded me of the black ipad that Hades has in The Son of Neptune with the list of people he has to claim.

Soy sauce. What? *confused*

"...and then after that, there are two more useless/filler episodes until the season ends, because they couldn't have bothered to put those episodes *before* the final epic-ish battle. The only *important& thing occurs at the very end, the mini-appearance of three mysterious figures... a hint of what was to come in Season 6." This sounds so much like you it's ridiculous. Also, the last part sounds like an advertisement for the next season.

"mysterious stone tablet". Why are there so many tablets? Wasn't there one earlier that had a list of people infected with something? Oh well, whatever works for the plot I guess.

"Is Planet Guling the low-technology place it appears to be?". It seriously sounds like you are writing advertisements for this show. It's good for summaries though.

"The two are bitter enemies". Which two planets? You mention three in the previous sentence. I assume it's Woof and Miao (indicative in the name, didn't realize that at first).

Not even going to comment on the end of season 7 summary but you know what I would say.

"Huohaha" made me laugh. Made me think of the vocab word "brouhaha", which I incidentally forget the meaning of. I think it has something to do with a lot of noise?

"the task". What task? Was it mentioned earlier and I didn't catch it?

"enter the book". Can people travel into books now? i'm confused.

Overall, good summary (I guess, I can't really compare it to anything). The language sounded exactly like actual summaries one can find online, which is good. I think this clears up some stuff, but I'm still don't understand basically everything. Anyway, keep writing! (So I can keep reviewing!)
6/15/2014 c1 8Fredd8
Happy Heroes is one of my favourite cartoons! I thought no one would ever write about it, especially in English.
9/14/2013 c1 Phoenix Tears of Fire
Good Idea...
This was very helpful...now I may reread the other ones and be less confused...
Very interesting though!
9/14/2013 c1 9Black Rose White Fire
"To be released eventually. We know that a new planet wants to attack the Heroes, a planet of... cats?" lol...

And explain! Will/Did Doctor Zhai become Doctor Black? And if so, when? It was ambiguous...

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