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8/8/2016 c9 1CrimsonEarth
9/23/2013 c8 Sara
Yay your continuing! And read New Girl and its sequel new forever, and Forbidden Love and its sequel Long Live! :)
9/21/2013 c8 Guest
Can you add brase in it?
9/20/2013 c8 Guest
Hey I have a question your name is brase4evr so do u ship brase? Cuz I love brase and if u do would u ever consider doing a brase story? That would be awesome or maybe somehow u can add brase to this story I was just curious and wanted to ask you this
9/20/2013 c7 Fanfic lover
Keep on going!
9/19/2013 c7 Sara
Keep going! A couple of suggestions! Just speed it up a bit with the romance, but don't make them date at all unless you want to at the VERY end. Make it so their first kiss happens sorta out of the blue too, but make it get steamy pretty fast, no lemons though! Remember, steamy but rated T.
9/21/2013 c8 5AngelGoneDevil69
Awesome! I'll go read that!
9/17/2013 c7 Guest
I would LOVE it If you kept this story AMAZING story!
9/17/2013 c7 Guest
Keep going!
9/18/2013 c7 AngelGoneDevil69
I think you should keep going! You're OC is virtually the only one I've found for a fourth bionic that isn't completely Mary-Sue. I'd love to see where this goes!
9/15/2013 c4 Sara
I LOVED the summary, but the chapters should be longer. Include marcus soon!
9/16/2013 c6 AngelGoneDevil69
Can't wait to read more! BTW, what's the name of that song so I can look it up on youtube, or did you write it yourself?
9/15/2013 c6 5misaai
lol i love this story its short but to the point and i still want to know whats coming next. i do ask if you can make the chapters a bit longer but ill still read either way
9/15/2013 c5 5AngelGoneDevil69
I love this story so far! Marcus is my second favorite character on the show next to Leo and closely followed by Adam. I like your OC, she seems really interesting. I can't wait to see what you have planned for this fic. Please update ASAP!

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