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for My Adulterous Wife

2/26/2020 c7 20Jesytypes
10/21/2015 c7 Guest
This sicked. Rosalie and Edward deserved to be punished and mutilated, not forgiven.
11/20/2014 c7 3EAMC1992
man you can't leave it like that did edward tell bella what he did with rose and will edward and bella ever find out that edward has a daughter with rosalie
11/20/2014 c2 EAMC1992
i hate to say it but rosalie deserved it for cheating onn her loving husband
9/16/2014 c6 Girly Shea
Your writing is poignantly beautiful. I fervently enjoyed the past 6 chapters which I have mulled over, I'm leaving the last until tomorrow to savor. Your characters are tremendously complex and flawed caught up in a rancorous marriage. I longed for Emmett to show compassion but alas his infallible nature took hold! I have long likened Rosalie to Estella from Great Expectations simply incapable of love and hence why I'm so sympathetic to her.
9/11/2014 c7 Frankie
I am so disillusioned with Emmett's character, how could he allow her to be savagely raped(I know, still harping on about the rape) by 3 men and show no remorse, only to find she'd sliced her own hand and "all hell broke loose" I really feel the rape should have been the catalyst to Rosalie's redemption or switched chapter 5 to 4 and 4 to 5 it would have helped the flow of the story, I would have felt like he was progressing because his turn-around in the end, to me it felt too drastic.
Rosalie, oh Rosalie what the hell are you doing to yourself? Words can't express the exasperation I felt, "I finally broke down" this is where I finally wanted her to fight back, I wanted to see her kick,claw,bite,spit anything, no man has the right to put any woman through what he just did, if he was that concerned about the relationship to begin with, when he first realized what was happening he should have acted, his problem was he had no drive! He wasn't driven to action till she flaunted it under his nose! By that time I reckon she wanted to get caught. She wanted it out in the open. Subconsciously or whatever!
As much as I hate to admit it, I really enjoyed your happy ending I was soo lucking forward to the ominous chapter 8!I really liked that you included Edward's perspective and then wrapped it up beautifully however, I'd love to read the extra piece where Bella finally gets to meet her niece/step daughter, I despise her so much! She's a pitiful, inane character who's asinine personality caused me to suffer through twilight! I only read it for the Cullen's! Plus I'd love to see some more Edward angst I like the idea of Rosalie/Edward together as much as I like Rosalie/Emmett! Also I really thought that maybe it was going to come out that one of the sisters or maybe both were being molested or abused in someway by a relative and that that was why they were both so damaged!
I loved this story it stirred so many emotions in me mainly due to the flawed exasperating characters, reading it was a very cathartic experience and thank you for sharing it you are a beautiful writer with a true gift! I felt compelled to write reviews because of the power of your writing! And I look forward to reading your future endeavours.
On a personal note, please do not take anything I have said about the characters as a reflection on you, I am sure you are a fabulous person who has made mistakes like us all! No one is innocent! Let he who is without sin cast the first stone/To err is human to forgive is divine and all!
P.S have you read Sugarbucket's Breaking points and her new follow up? I think you'd like it! Feel free to Beta this, Thanks again
9/11/2014 c5 Guest
I'm still reeling from the rape scene! I would have loved Emmett's point of view on the after-effects of this, I need to understand his taught process, is he remorseful, does he believe he went too far?
Rose is clearly severely depressed, she's drowning in self hatred and has been from the very start, she blames herself for everything her self-esteem is so low she actually believes she deserves this abuse and willingly craves to be hurt! If Emmett was a real man he would restrain himself, yes he deserves retribution but he does not need to lose his humanity doing so, these animalistic attacks are irrational and psychotic!
I can't wait to see where you take this thrilling story next and thank you for feeding my morbid soul!
9/10/2014 c4 Frankie
Wow this was RAW! I'm slightly perturbed with the way this is going, Emmett has just plummeted to new depths, please don't allow Rose to stay with him! No way could he be forgiven for allowing that to happen the trauma of such an act is just too deep! The humiliation alone, not to mention the physical discomfort and emotional scarring could never be forgiven!
9/10/2014 c3 Frankie
I bow to you Queen! Just when you think things have reached their pinnacle you push the boundaries further! Emmett is a sadistic, callous, pitiless savage who quite clearly belongs with Rose! They are perfectly matched, his loathsome degradation of Rose has now lowered him to beneath her level may they rot in hell together! I'm absolutely loving this story I'm savoring every depraved word you write, eating it up chapter by chapter.
9/10/2014 c2 Frankie
This was a brilliantly brutal chapter, 2 chapters in and already you are the angst queen! Something serious happened in that Cullen house, for the two daughters to be so messed up, I feel Rose has a deep routed hatred for Bella maybe subconsciously she's getting back at her for something and in the same process destroying herself, I personally despise Bella too!
Early in the chapter I pitied Emmett but his vile behaviour left me reeling! Their is absolutely no justifiable reason for his actions, I hope he drowns in self loathing, what Rose needs is help she has some underlying issue's which need resolving.
9/10/2014 c1 Frankie
This is dark and gritty, your characters are twisted, warped and damaged beyond repair,i love it! I don't think there's any going back, I don't think they should! He's obviously not happy with her "I should love her...but I don't." She's not happy with him "something inside me just couldn't feel complete with him" so why stay together?
Obviously something is amiss in the Cullen household what with Bella "using and cutting" and Rosalie obviously doing the same slicing her arm open with glass, I think therapy wouldn't go amiss with any of them! Really looking forward to whats lurking in the next chapter
7/17/2014 c7 Guest
Although some parts were strong, I think you are a really good writer and touched some very deep subjects. Loved the ending
6/13/2014 c7 cappcat
I'm glad for the happy ending and I hope you had yours as well. Well written. thank you!
6/1/2014 c7 2Liz 1974
Keep going I would like more soon :)
4/28/2014 c7 NY13
The first six chapters were kind of interesting. It was as if the horrendous, almost medieval torture Em put Rose through and self flagellation Rose inflicted were a graphic metaphor for the destruction infidelity wrought. The last chapter read as implausible, overly neat, and unbelievable conclusion to their and the other couple's story. I would have left the other couples outcome unresolved as they really weren't introduced until now. I would also left the metaphor alone and either left Rose and Em apart or arced their reconciliation differently.
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