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11/14/2015 c14 Zip001
Such a chilling chapter - Trinian is so evil (I keep on wondering if somehow the ring wasn't destroyed and he found it)!

So great that Tris' brother survived the uprising! Hopefully, he will be able to rally loyal men and their allies at Gondor to overthrow his mad and evil uncle.
8/31/2015 c13 Zip001
The chapter's tone (until the end) is markedly different from the other chapters as Winnie and Arandir are meeting with seemingly whimsical elven Tir and his frightened mute elven sister. I think it is a welcome intermission from the violence and cruelty conveyed in the other chapters. I wonder about Winnie's fascination of elves and curious about her ability to "see" or "feel" the trees(?). What do they mean? Will she be able to use her powers and her love for elves (are there more out there?) to save her mom and her people? All in all, I am glad that Winnie and jealous Arandir are in a safe haven for now.

The last part of the chapter brings back to focus the horrors of the prior chapters but yet give us some hope that someone (hopefully her brother) was able to escape the bloodbath.
8/30/2015 c13 Erikawaskiki
Oooh is that Eòfan?! I hope he gets help. It's cute seeing Arandir slightly jealous of Tir and Tris. I like their interactions though.(:
Great chapter!
8/30/2015 c12 Erikawaskiki
Aww that was so sad but so brave. I hope Triswyn is ok! Great story. Love it3
8/28/2015 c12 Zip001
I was so wrapped in Winnie's tale and somehow forgot about the fate of the poor queen and her poor and brave ladies. It is so sad that the queen truly loves her little brother and is unaware of his deception and his role in the killing of her husband, her son and her loyal subjects. He would have to kill her if she ever recovers (as she may be able to lead an uprising to overthrow him).

It is so sad to read about the poor ladies left in the castle who was so ill used by Trinian. Those ladies are so brave.

I wonder if he is aware that his actions alone (even if the queen and the princess are out of the picture) will likely be what will incite the masses to revolt (I just don't see the people of Rohan to be sheep-like, they are after all horse lords and fierce shield maidens). It would be difficult to lead through fear and oppression. I think there is a risk that his men or allies will also later revolt (what does he have really over them?). Also, how would Gondor react to his coup d'état?

Very interesting chapter and lots to think about. Thanks so much for updating this complex story!
8/28/2015 c8 95TMI Fairy
Aradir the snarky teenager killed the story for me.
8/28/2015 c4 TMI Fairy
Re previous chapter:
1 - costume porn :)
2 - the she hates him but finds him irresistible - that's old. Arandir is a prick and let him stays that way. She should find "tru luerve" somewhere else.
8/27/2015 c3 TMI Fairy
8/19/2015 c11 Zip001
I really enjoy reading this well written story.

Usually, in fanfiction, there are at least one to a slew of "canon" who the readers generally know their character, personality and some if not most of their backstory to anchor the story and to draw in readers. Here, all of the characters, including the villain, are original characters that you had to color in their backstory, their motivations, their personality, etc. I felt like I knew these characters and were immediately invested in them. Even the characters that many will immediately write off as being the one-note "bad" person (for yelling at servants, suppressing her young daughter's spirit or for being an arrogant and entitled prince), you show so many sides to them. I like the cute backstory of how her mother met her father.

It isn't only the vivid characters you draw but the rich tableau you set them in that I enjoy reading - the culture and the history of the people from Rohan.

I am very curious to know who is the man (or is it an elf?) that Triswyn meets throughout her life.

I also like the sassy interactions between Arandir and Triswyn. I can tell that he really likes her a whole lot - her sweetness and her vibrancy (and even her freckles). I sense behind her understandable irritation with him, she is beginning to see him in a more favorable light.

Thanks for updating and I am looking forward to seeing what happens next. Is she hearing trees? Are they in danger from the man towering over them?

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