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for What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger

4/15/2015 c21 5YuYuHakushoObsesser
Gah! too freaking cute! Child needs more! _
4/15/2015 c2 1Tachumare
Oh...I like it! Though Haruhi is a bit OOC...?
4/14/2015 c1 10scarlett the starlet
Oooh, this is interesting.
3/12/2015 c20 KanameZeroYuki
I like where you are taking this story:) I look forward to more chapters!
12/16/2014 c19 5YuYuHakushoObsesser
Too cute :) can't wait for more :)
10/23/2014 c18 I polygamy
This is a great story I hope you continue writing it soon!
8/28/2014 c18 Guest
Ugh Hikaru and Mitsuki are my fav too i mean they just give me so many feels and i can't even handle it

i can't wait to see more of them in the future because they are just so cute!
8/25/2014 c18 YuYuHakushoObsesser
Totally adorable! Hika and mitsuki are my fav pair too. Mainly for the fact that its Hikaru...who just so happens to be my fav can't wait for the next one! Gl with school and soccer!
7/23/2014 c17 YuYuHakushoObsesser
Grrrrrrr...stupid grandmother -.-
7/3/2014 c16 YuYuHakushoObsesser
I knew I always hated that dumb b*tch of a grandmother of his -.- I'm super excited to read about the meeting now tho :) can't wait!
7/2/2014 c5 thefeelsarereal
i ship it XD

i read throu the reviews and i saw one girl say 'hikamits ftw' and im gonna have to agree with that. otp material right here XD
7/2/2014 c4 thefeelsarereal
that's exactly how tamaki would react lol XD great chapter btw
7/2/2014 c3 thefeelsarereal
oooooooh! i really like annabelle XD she seems sassy and like she isn't taking any of kyoya's shit lol

as for kiyomi, she reminds me kind of nagisa from clannad (if you've watched that, it's really good in case you haven't) just like the type of person to get embarrassed easily hahaha, but that's a good thing!
7/2/2014 c2 thefeelsarereal
aw, finals suck :( i hate taking them too

as for the story, i'm loving it more and more each chapter XD keep it up!
7/2/2014 c1 Thefeelsarereal
hahaha lol i love how tamaki and the twins are just so in character in this chapter, they would totally do something like that XD tho, i feel bad for haruhi, if i had worked that hard at something i would feel hella bad too :((((

well, going on to the next chapter
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