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3/25/2020 c1 Guest
Love it.
6/27/2017 c2 ShareneM
The line where thinks, "That girl could have been Jasmine" reminds me of DQ anime episode 31 where an angsty, worried Lief cries, "yeah, but it could be Jasmine!" Good times, good times, I had fun watching the anime as a kid. Anyway this fic is getting better and better, I had to have that reference to lighten the mood (it was so cute ;) I'm still a child!) In all seriousness now, this chapter was a nice touch I'm very glad that Jenara isn't a replacement, I knew that she wasn't but before Anna confirmed the fact it was as clear as mud. We readers can't read ur mind all the time! I like how through these tough times they are still persevering selflessly. I love how Annas and Jared's love, which is already strong, is still growing stronger and stronger. I like you you've incorporated what little we know from the books about Anna into this fanfic. I was reading DQ and it did say that she knew herbs or something like that. Rodda doesn't talk much about Anna. It's so sad to see how much Jarred has changed, to see him then and then to see the grim, scarred, expressionless man now... I can't put my sadness into words. I'm very glad that Jenara has lowered her walls, the last line is beautiful, a nice touch and a momentary burst of happiness. Thank you. More thoughts coming tomorrow.
6/26/2017 c1 ShareneM
The hope that they had in a hopeless situation is amazing and so encouraging. The last paragraph is heartbreaking and the last sentence is so dramatic. I love this fic so much, you've obviously read DQ a number of time. When Jasmine says I love you papa and Jarred replies, "I love you too sweetheart" my heart went out for Jared and Anna. I never really thought of the desperation, grief, sorrow, and the pain that they went through coupled with the fact that they don't know whether their only child is dead or alive must have been torture. What I'm trying to say is I never realised how much grief that they went through until reading this. Thank you so much for opening my eyes.
6/26/2017 c1 ShareneM
I lied on March 19th I didn't do this story justice at all. I said that I would review this fic every day. "What a lie that was... My shining dishonesty will be the salvation of me." -Howl, Howl's Moving Castle, Dianne Wynne Jones. Now, I solemnly swear that I am up to do good. I will review every chapter in the next few weeks. May my words bind me...
"I hear your words, James Gaunt, and they will bind you..." -DQ3, Isle of the Dead, Rmily Rodda. That book freaked me out! A bientôt, mes amis!
3/19/2017 c1 ShareneM
This has been one of my favourite stories for years! Why have I not reviewed? Over the next week I will try to read a chapter a day and review. It won't do this story justice but I will try. Thank you.
6/1/2016 c7 9Untaken
So much sadness all around here, I almost cried!

Your portrayal of what happens on their march and what will happen in the Shadowlands is always so spine tingling, even I'm afraid of it, let alone the characters! It makes me shiver to read about it, and I think that's a standing testament to your abilities as a writer.

Poor Jenara—so young and strong, but has been through and seen so much. She'd probably be good friends with Jasmine.

Nice job, though!
5/26/2016 c6 Sup
Are you going to post the following chapters because it is really good so far
8/23/2015 c6 9PJ Blindclown
As is the way with this story, this chapter was heartbreaking. You have a gift as a writer to make your readers feel as your characters do, and that is really powerful.

What exactly did those guards do to Jenara? Or do I not want to know. The way you had Jarred thinking about it, it was as though they had done something worse than give her a good beating.

I also find it really heartwarming how Jarred keeps refering to Jasmine, and we get a glimps at the loving father he was before everything changed for them. It makes it even sadder when we see him as Doom, and he doesn't even know the daughter he missed so much. He doesn't know that the wirld looking girl that he saw sitting on the fence outside Tom's shop is the same girl he used to hold and play with and sing to. I think, for me, that's the saddest part of this story. We know from the books that it doesn't have a happy ending, and I think you're very brave to be telling this story. Not many authors would.

I only hope that Jenara does survive being in the Shadowlands, so that Jarred can keep his promise.
Keep it up,
7/25/2015 c5 PJ Blindclown
Good heavens, what an ending there!

When I first read this, I found it hard to take it all in. It's obvious that you've put so much into this particular chapter, so well done. :)

I can't help but wonder how you see Anna dying here, because we all know that's what happens. It's like, you're giving us a glimps into her last days, which the books didn't do.

I wonder what makes little Enlynn's bones so brittle. It's also obvious that you've done some research into it. It's a brilliant plot device, there, and it shows just how good Anna was at her job before everything changed for her. We get very little of her character in the books, but you've done what you could to learn as much as possible about her before writing this, which I find amazing. You've got Anna's character spot on here.

I don't know what else I can say here, apart from that I'm very much looking forward to your next chapter, and I hope that this review is what this particular chapter deserves.
Keep it up,
7/2/2015 c4 PJ Blindclown
Oh, man... All the feels, especially since I know where this story is going to end...:(

I loved the fleshing out of Jenara's character. I loved learning about her history, where she came from, her mother and such. It was all so beautifully written that I thought I might cry at various points throughout. Very few writers can do that to me. So, uh, congrats, I guess.
Keep it up,
5/31/2015 c3 Sonya
please post the next chapter
5/9/2015 c3 9Untaken
Your story really pulls at heartstrings, especially since we know the end result—Anna and Jarred were brave to go through what they did for their country. On a side note, young Jasmine is rather cute here, calling her dad "papa" and all; can't really imagine her saying that to Doom now, though!

Interested in what happens next! :)
5/9/2015 c3 9PJ Blindclown
I had to read this twice before I could fully wrap my head around the content. It was so beautifully written that I felt everything that Jarred and Anna were feeling. Honestly, I'm still full of worry for Jasmine, even though I know she is very much alive.

And on the matter of Jenara, could she be Glock's sister?

I'm really excited to see where you go with this, and I hope to see an update as soon as you can get one up here.
Keep it up,
1/18/2015 c2 PJ Blindclown
I usually try and avoid sad stories, but I actually really enjoyed this. You give us an insight into Jasmine as a character (even though she doesn't appear here), and we get an understanding of what made her the girl that we all came to know and love. Well done! :)
Keep it up,
7/8/2014 c1 carol
more on jarred soon plz
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