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for Hoofbeats and Lute Strings

9/12/2019 c12 froglatte
WOW I just read this all in one go and it was great! The last two chapters were my favorite, with Bast revealing who Kote really is to Eilonwy and the LAST LINE AHHH! It flows so perfectly into the books! Amazing work!
10/19/2016 c12 3SunsetDawn420
I so love your story! It is really really great! Thank you for sharing in with us! I love it! ️
7/31/2015 c12 5Alva Moondancer
This is spectacular! Bast was perfect, Eilonwy was amazing and I loved Sebastian!
11/5/2014 c12 kachle
I really enjoyed your story, but the ending isn't that agreeable for me, personally I think Kote should become Kvothe again (I've read a few really interesting theories about that ;) )
do you think about writing a sequel, one more Kote/Kvothe centered?
11/8/2013 c12 jmeec316
Fascinating possible prequel to the KKC. Eilonwy was a joy. I could have read about her for ages. Your story made me long for a new book from Pat.
10/8/2013 c12 8Once Upon a Faerytale
*applauds* I like it! Nice snappy ending, and it leads right in. :D
10/5/2013 c10 Once Upon a Faerytale
It's a lovely story. I've always wondered where Bast got the idea to send out a message from.
9/23/2013 c7 7PeregrineTook
You're most welcome! I rarely enjoy OCs, but Eilonwy is lovely. And so is her horse :D
9/19/2013 c1 PeregrineTook
Ah, you are the best thing to happen to KKC fan fiction in a while! This could very nearly have been written by Rothfuss himself. I hope's there a lot more where this came from :)

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