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for Puzzle of my Heart

1/3/2016 c25 parkesy23
1/2/2016 c20 parkesy23
Love it
1/2/2016 c15 parkesy23
Great thanks
1/2/2016 c13 parkesy23
Loving it thanks
1/2/2016 c7 parkesy23
Loving it
1/2/2016 c2 parkesy23
Look forward to reading
12/18/2015 c18 glo4twilight
Well that was pretty fucking sizzling. Had to attack my fwb after that lemony goodness glad he was here lol. Hmm as for charlie. I really dont like a difficult pompous charlie :/ awesome chapter
12/17/2015 c17 glo4twilight
Aww edward is so adorably cute in his smitten state lol. And sharing it with his brother.
12/16/2015 c16 glo4twilight
This was so cool. I've always been a fan of EPOV i love it. I think that jasper has both e&b's interests at heart. Its so cute how edward is smitten so soon lol. Love your work.
12/16/2015 c15 glo4twilight
Lol yes semi public sex. Sex with edward anywhere would be frickin hot. And yes I've had sex on the beach . Great chapter. I have to say also that i do like alices inquisitions lol
12/16/2015 c14 glo4twilight
He was absolutely so sweet and thoughtful. Be nice to have a hot n sexy edward take care of me. Id certainly never let him out of my bed lol
12/16/2015 c13 glo4twilight
Oh yes that was very yummy dessert indeed. Edward and wine would taste very good. Great 'climax' to a lovely non-date lol
12/16/2015 c12 glo4twilight
Definitely a date! It was also good to hear more of bellas story. But i really am looking forward to the citrus ; )
12/12/2015 c11 glo4twilight
Omg that lemon had me attacking my FWB when he came over not to mention had me panting and drooling lol. I loved that edward was all possessive he's just so frickin hot!
12/11/2015 c10 glo4twilight
Well i have to say thankyou for the warning of this chapter. While i totally skimmed over what i thought thought was one lemon with jake. ..ewwwww...there was another one! Ewwwwww! Which i might add i just skimmed over trying not to lose the crux of this chapter. I can't stand jake in any fic that has e&b unless hes gay and has a bf lol. As for bella well it serves her right she should've suspected when there was no contact from jake something was up. So she's the one that set herself up for what happened shes only to blame. Him saying she basically set him up should've been a clue that hes a dick! Great chapter but no sympathy for bella sorry. Geez what a cold bitch right lol. Can't she tell edward is nothing like jake . Anyways rant over going to bleach my brain and read on lol
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