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12/11/2015 c9 glo4twilight
Omg i just wanted to smash. Granted that her and edward aren't together she was still an insensitive bitch! Doing that in front of edward. If i was alice i would've gone up n slapped her for what she did cos thats what best friends do lol. It took me ages to start reading this after reading your a/n at the beginning cos i knew she would fucking piss me right off just like she did in eclipse and other fics I've read. Lol.
12/11/2015 c8 glo4twilight
W.O.W! You sure are a woman after my own dirty talking edward heart! Lol. I absolutely loved this chapter everything about was hot sexy and very passionate! Mmmm mm. A very well popped cherry that's for sure :)
12/11/2015 c7 glo4twilight
It was so nice for them to hang out n get to know each other some more and it wasn't even about sex! Loved their time but yeah can't wait for another lemon ! Have to laugh at bella with her 'non date' dates lol
12/11/2015 c6 glo4twilight
Was good to hear his back story. And yes tanya is a bitch why fucking cheat at all but in the bed you and your partner share?! Not frickin human i say. He is so wonderful and i love how bella keeps trying to convince herself of stuff lol.
12/11/2015 c5 glo4twilight
Well fuck! I think my phone screen just fried! was damn sizzling. Had my libido s reaming with sensory overdrive or something. That was surely one hot lemon
12/10/2015 c4 glo4twilight
Lol i love alice being nosey thats what good friends are for. Bella went to seek him out huh. Mmm. Rather interesting i thought i would be exactly the same lol. He's so frickin yummy. Love your work
12/10/2015 c3 glo4twilight
Well farrrrrk that was so good mmmm mm. Had my libido doing somersaults and needing a ver icy cold shower. That was frickin hot as! Love your work. So glad bella didn't go all awkward or take flight!
12/9/2015 c2 glo4twilight
Well daaaayyyyummm! Lol. First meeting was frickin awesome! Hot sexy passionate intense n just downright ye yeah! Whoa i have right at this moment decided that i will not be reading this at work omg its totes NSFW as i am in close proximity to two of my work colleagues one of which is a male and i really don't want to risk the fact that i may start breathing heavy reading your makeout or sex scenes lol
12/9/2015 c1 glo4twilight
You know i really dont have that much of a problem reading about a bit of a promiscuous bella but to read of her being with jacob.. . i do however find it pretty hard to read about a manwhore edward so i try to avoid it. But in saying that it depends. So I'm gonna trudge on through lol so far so good.
10/29/2015 c13 Jet
I love your stories. I had just finished Two Blue lines last but I have to start another one of yours . Light reading and very intertwining ! Thank you for taking your precious time writing them. As I said before , this is one of few things I love to after my retirement. Love Bella and Edward , in fact my grown- up kids are jealous of them because my kids could how I love them and fanfiction stories, though I am 100% team Bella!
6/30/2015 c1 Tarbecca
Recommended this story in the Flash Back Fic Dive over at ADF!
5/2/2015 c42 SLKerouac
Loved this outtake! So much had happened since the announcement of Edward and Bella's marriage and her pregnancy. It was a time to celebrate Edward's birthday. The family was all there and friends. Bella had done so much for Edward's party. It was something she wanted even with her being at the last stage of her pregnancy. The party went well. Everyone had a good time and now Edward and Bella were alone. Getting ready for bed Edward had to check on Bella until her heard her. When he got there it was time to get to the hospital. It would be a night to remember. Bella delivered the baby girl. It was a birthday present that he would always love. Bella gave him a family that he always wanted and especially on his birthday. Loved this ending!
5/2/2015 c40 SLKerouac
Loved the story! It was a long journey for both of them. Bella had to learn to trust again after having it destroyed by Jacob. Edward learned patience after Bella told him what happened to her with Jacob. He had to let her take the lead at her own pace. They both had so much insecurity regarding their "relationship" because they never really told each other what they felt. So much happened in the end. Bella reading the letter and opening the gift that Edward had left for her. Her flying to Chicago to get to Edward. Edward being surprised that Bella had come to him. Their coming back together and finally talking to each other. Edward's surprise and then the wedding for just them. Bella surprise for Edward that she was pregnant. Then the telling of the parents about being married and the pregnancy. It was their life and they were doing it the way they wanted. Thanks for writing this story. Please continue writing!
4/10/2015 c41 EnglishBookLover
Loved it!
Keep on writing!
3/21/2015 c42 wonderfullybedazzled
Awwww, such a good fic! Thanks!
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