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for Puzzle of my Heart

3/21/2015 c36 wonderfullybedazzled
Wonderful reunion. Uh, what about the trail of clothes leading to Edward's bedroom?
3/21/2015 c35 wonderfullybedazzled
Awwww, that was perfect. I knew her putting off telling him until his return from NO would be that catalyst for drama. So, she's gonna fly out there now?
3/21/2015 c34 wonderfullybedazzled
So this fic is too angsty for some? Most relationships have a rocky part, geez. And Edward really hit her at her most vulnerable spot. It takes time.
3/21/2015 c31 wonderfullybedazzled
Uh oh. Did he see them when Jake kissed her? Will alice set him straight?
3/21/2015 c30 wonderfullybedazzled
Ahhh, not angsty enough, lol. He wants her to say she doesn't want to see Jake and she wants him to forbid her.
3/21/2015 c29 wonderfullybedazzled
Ahh, I want them to fight then have make up sex.
3/21/2015 c28 wonderfullybedazzled
Poor Edward.
3/21/2015 c27 wonderfullybedazzled
Hmmm, Edward won't care much that she didn't tell Jake about him. One can forgive but still kuck him in the nuts.
3/21/2015 c26 wonderfullybedazzled
Damn, that's hot.
3/21/2015 c22 wonderfullybedazzled
That went well. Glad Charlie is aware Jake hurt Bella.
3/21/2015 c21 wonderfullybedazzled
Awww, he is acting as a boyfriend and B is starting to get the idea of the girlfriend role
3/21/2015 c20 wonderfullybedazzled
I was gonna say no way could they be at the beach in November in Washington. It is damn cold that time of year. Especially on the windy coast.
So glad she is opening up to him. Really like this. But oh my, too many sexual encounters.
2/24/2015 c42 2babylou23
I was meant to write an essay tonight and I had planned read one chapter then write for about an hour and then another chapter. That didn't work, I just read and read and now I've finished the story but didn't do any of my essay lol. It was completely worth it. I really enjoyed this story, I did feel Edwards character slightly changed at the end. But great job, I'm going to read Two Blue lines next but I think I'll do my essay first because if its as good as this one I would never get it finished. :-) bb
1/31/2015 c31 CynicallyOptimistic7
Bella is a fucken moron, she is almost 30 yet she acts like she is in high school. The 'I dont want to go but he made me' bullshit. That's where relationships start to go south.

No offense to you or your writing. Keep up the good work
1/12/2015 c37 Katherine
Almost all the stories are like that. Everytime the boy apologize. If it would be other way round. A girl saw a kiss and accuse the boy and scream at him. Still he would be the one who must say sorry and beg for forgivness. Oh why?! That is just not fair.
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